Fast&Up launches clinically tested blend of Plant and Whey Protein - Fusion

Fast&Up Fusion Tech Protein has been carefully curated to provide better absorption, faster recovery, and better muscle recovery, growth in a cost-effective way
Fast&Up launches clinically tested blend of Plant and Whey Protein - Fusion
Photo - Fast&Up

Fast&Up, India’s homegrown active nutrition brand, has launched a unique blend of whey protein and plant protein called Fast&Up Fusion Tech Protein, making it the only brand in the world to curate this innovative formulation.

The formulation is India’s first clinically tested blend of whey and plant protein with Faster Sustained Absorption Formula (FSA), allowing better delivery of protein for the body, 2X absorption, and ensuring enhanced muscle growth and faster recovery while being cost-effective. Within a month of its launch, Fast&Up Fusion Tech Protein has become Fast&Up’s best-selling product in the portfolio.

Available in a deliciously rich chocolate flavor, add one scoop to 200-250 ml of water or any milk. Shake well and drink to a healthier you, any time of the day, after your workouts. Fast&Up Fusion Tech Protein, is priced at INR 3,199.

An effective formula that can be easily digested without causing any discomfort or lactose intolerance, the protein blend breaks down the protein into amino acids and releases them into your bloodstream. This concentration allows for muscle recovery, and growth and accelerates the entire mechanism, which is curated with unique technology.

Fast&Up Fusion Tech Protein is a ‘Transition Protein’ that can also help you achieve your optimal body mass composition while working for all, irrespective of age, gender, or whether or not you work out.

If you are someone who wishes to shift from whey protein to plant protein, Fast&Up Fusion Tech Protein is the perfect pick for you! Experiencing problems while consuming whey protein, such as bloating, acidity, and acne could be due to lactose intolerance or the poor quality of whey and other ingredients. Fast&Up Fusion Tech Protein offers a reduction in whey and an increase in plant protein. With added digestive enzymes, probiotics, and various other vitamins and minerals, this innovative blend helps tackle any issue one might be facing with whey protein.

A technologically advanced formula, made with Faster Sustained Absorption Formula (FSA) and pea protein, this is a mid-way path that exposes one to both whey protein and plant protein, giving the consumer a choice to decide what the product is about and how it can help them. Since everybody is different, Fast&Up Fusion Tech Protein gives you a real-time experience to help you understand what works for you.

“Protein is becoming a key ingredient for good health in the country. As many product offerings come into the market, our efforts have been to keep innovating and bringing the best products to the market. When we interacted with customers, we have seen a range of preferences from whey to plant-based protein. One such view has been to get the best of whey and plant and yet make sure it is of top quality and performance. Fusion Tech Protein is a product based on this principle. We hope this contributes to yet another quality choice for the Indian customer,” said Vijayaraghavan Venugopal, chief executive officer, Fast&Up.

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