Ferrero Rocher Moments launches new pack range

Ferrero Rocher Moments launches new pack range
Photo - Ferrero Rocher

Ferrero Rocher Moments has introduced an exquisite new range of packs addressing different consumer needs ranging from self-consumption, sharing and gifting during everyday memorable occasions.

The new range is borrowing the premium essence and design codes from Ferrero Rocher mother brand through its exquisite gold-colored packaging and design patterns. The newly introduced Pouch Pack with 8 approx. pieces is convenient for sharing with friends and family as well as for self-consumption. This pack also enables to play in impulse, self-indulgence, and everyday consumption. Also, the newly introduced larger packs of 16 and 32 approx. pieces offers a premium yet affordable gifting option to consumers.

The overall design has been elevated to add more premiumness to Ferrero Rocher Moments which is meant for everyday affordable gifting. The larger pack offers an abundance of Ferrero Rocher Moments, amplifying the delight and pleasure with each golden bite. The revamped packaging design showcases a seamless blend of timeless elegance and contemporary flair, elevating the gifting experience to new heights. It reflects Ferrero Rocher's unwavering commitment to presenting one of the finest confectioneries in an exquisitely crafted ensemble. The new packaging is the perfect choice for sharing cherished moments with loved ones during the festive seasons and everyday memorable moments, ensuring that the joy of Ferrero Rocher Moments can be savored by all.

Speaking on the occasion Zoher Kapuswala, marketing head, Pralines, Tic Tac, Nutella, Ferrero India said, "We continue to evolve our product offering based on research and insights. The new Ferrero Rocher Moments packaging introduces premium yet affordable options for sharing, self-indulgence, and gifting options for our customers. The revamped pack range and different pack sizes for Ferrero Rocher Moments will amplify the joy of consumers by creating lasting memories for all."

The new pouches will be available in attractive factory packed Hang sells and shelf-ready dispensers at Modern Trade, Traditional Trade and Ecommerce platforms. Manufactured at Ferrero India’s state-of-art plant at Baramati, near Pune, almost 80% of raw materials for Ferrero Rocher Moments is sourced locally. Ferrero Rocher Moments comes in easy-to-share premium gifting pack and is crafted to make the brand relevant not only during festivals but to celebrate everyday occasions.

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