Fruzzanté introduces premium honey mead brand Arkä

The raw material has been sourced sustainably and turned into a dessert mead in flavors of wildflower honey, rose, and jamun berries
Fruzzanté's Arkä Honey, Rose, and Jamun

Fruzzanté's Arkä Honey, Rose, and Jamun

Photo - Fruzzanté

Hill Zill Wines, the manufacturers of Fruzzanté, a one-of-its-kind sparkling alcoholic beverage, recently launched its premium honey mead brand called Arkä. Arkä is made from honey extracted from beehives that is then fermented and presented as mead, a drink mentioned in ancient scriptures dating back to 100 BC. The brand is currently available in Maharashtra and will soon be launched in Goa and Karnataka. The premium range is Rs 1,050 for a 375 ml bottle of Arkä Honey & Jamun and Rs 1,095 for Arkä Rose.

Wildflower Honey, Rose, and Jamun Berries are integrated into this ancient concoction to make this dessert mead. The three flavors currently available include Arkä Honey, Rose, and Jamun. Like every other Fruzzanté product, the Arkä range is also an outcome of products sourced locally in the region.

Speaking about this, Priyanka Save, founder, and director, Hill Zill Wines, said, “We are super excited to bring the Arkä range to our customers. This is a premium mead that has been made from honey sourced from the best of produce. The word ‘Arkä’ means ‘extract’ in Sanskrit and takes a natural journey before presenting it in the commercial bottles. Our promise has always been quality produce without harming the environment. We also work in consonance with the locals to use their produce sustainably. We have used specialized corking which is carbon negative with micro-oxygenation which helps age the mead.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Cork closure used for Arkä</p></div>

Cork closure used for Arkä

The cork closure used for Arkä uses PlantCorc technology based on renewable plant-based polymers derived from sugarcane. These closures are more sustainable with 7g CO2 equivalent per closure carbon footprint and deliver an enhanced overall look and feel. Arkä bottles are packed in eco-certified composite MDF with less than 0.11 parts per million formaldehyde concentrations. In addition to being safe, this MDF is also very sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is constructed primarily from wood fiber, wood shavings, and other portions of the wood that are normally discarded. This reduces waste and means a higher percentage of trees harvested are used to create valuable products, putting less strain on our forests and creating sustainable construction practices for years to come. MDF packaging solutions are carbon sinks, storing enough carbon to offset the carbon footprint from their creation.

Arkä Honey is a luscious dessert mead inspired by the wildflower honey found across forests along with the Sahyadri ranges. It is characterized by playful tones of honey, hints of citrus, and floral notes. The mead makes a perfect dessert for a special occasion or makes an occasion special.

According to the brand, Arkä Rose is an ultimate expression of luxury. Red Rose forms the essence of this delicate dessert mead. No sooner do you open the bottle than you are pleasantly surprised by the aroma of fine Red Tea Roses. The aroma takes you through the mesmerizing site of rose gardens while you dip into the romantic rendition of Arkä Rose Dessert Mead.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Fruzzanté's Arkä Honey, Rose, and Jamun</p></div>
Fruzzanté offers sparkling fruit alcoholic beverages

Arkä Jamun is made from Jamun that is cultivated across the world but finds its home amongst the estates of India. This tannic fruit forms a prominent part of farm life yet remains an untapped treasure amongst the world of stone fruits. Fermented in barrels, it imparts a velvety texture and smooth finish to the Indian origin with truly international quality in Arkä Jamun Dessert Mead.

Hill Zill Wines is focusing on creating drinks for people who wish to enjoy good experiential drinking. The brand envisages helping the local farmers across Maharashtra by sourcing directly from them and ensuring that they get paid their dues. While their brand Fruzzanté is also set to expand its product range and add variants like Orange and Spice Garden. Within the next five years, they aim to be available in all major metros and start exporting their Made in India wines.

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