Goodveda launches 'Milletious' healthy baked crunchies

Goodveda launches 'Milletious' healthy baked crunchies
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In a strategic move to align with the Indian government's 'Millet Revolution' campaign, Goodveda, a leading innovator in natural healthcare solutions dedicated to improving personal well-being, within its first year of inception unveils its new range of nutritious millet-based healthy baked crunchies ‘Milletious’. With its first partnership with Barista at a pan India level, the start-up is all set to bring in a remarkable change in the snacking habits of Indians. The healthy snack range of Goodveda aligns with the Government of India's initiative to promote millet consumption and revolutionize the country's dietary habits.

By making these nutritious snacks available at Barista locations nationwide, Goodveda is offering a healthy snacking alternative and increased accessibility of nutritious snacking for all coffee lovers, café patrons and fitness enthusiasts.

"We are extremely excited to be in line with our governments Millet revolution, that is paving the way for a healthier lifestyle," said Abhishek Gaggneja, founder of Goodveda. "We want to be the flag bearers of holistic well-being. At Goodveda, we aim to provide wholesome, delicious snacking options that supports both your health and taste-buds. By partnering with Barista, we're making it easier for people to enjoy nutritious snacks on-the-go, complementing their favorite coffee moments.”

The premium Millet based healthy baked crunchies are perfect for health-conscious consumers seeking nutritious, lightweight, gluten-free with a low-glycaemic index, sugar-free, and preservative-free options, made from wholesome ingredients like Millets, Bajra flour, Jowar flour, and Wheat flour, the wholesome snack that combines traditional grains with irresistible taste. For those looking to indulge without compromising health standards, savour crunchies provide a luxurious treat.

‘Milletious' crunchies offer a delectable range of baked crunchies in four flavourful, delicious, nutritious, and convenient snacking options of Gazab Garlic, Hotshot Chilli, Mad Masala, and Masoor Methi, catering to different taste preferences while maintaining the health benefits of millets. The delectable range of Millet-based baked crunchies crafted to combine pleasure with wellness, for health-conscious consumers of all ages, catering to the growing demand for healthier lifestyle choices.

The Millet Crunchies are available in 80 gm and 200 gm pack, and is rich in proteins, dietary fibre, and essential minerals such as iron and magnesium. Inherently, they are an excellent snack choice for everyone, including those with specific dietary restrictions. These Millet Crunchies are baked, maida-free, preservative-free, and made from plant-based ingredients, making them suitable for vegans and health-conscious consumers.

Recognizing the importance of millets, the healthy snacks range of ‘Milletious’ by Goodveda, sets to redefine and revolutionize the realm of snacking by prioritizing health, improved nutrition, and great taste.

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