Havmor introduces Ice Cream Sandwich with two new flavors: Wildberries and Cookies N Cream

Havmor introduces Ice Cream Sandwich with two new flavors: Wildberries and Cookies N Cream
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Havmor, a part of LOTTE Wellfood and one of the most beloved brands has announced the launch of two enticing new flavors in their Ice Cream Sandwich range: Wildberries and Cookies N Cream. These delectable offerings showcase Havmor's commitment to innovation and catering to the evolving preferences of ice cream enthusiasts.

The Cookies N Cream variant promises a delightful blend of pure indulgence, encapsulating the iconic Cookies N Cream flavor within the convenient sandwich format. Comprising a mouthwatering combination of cookies, caramel, chocolate cake, and dark biscuits, this new addition is set to redefine the essence of indulgence for ice cream enthusiasts.

On the other hand, the Wild Berries Ice Cream Sandwich is a treat for the senses, boasting exotic flavors that include strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. Enhanced with rich strawberry flakes and featuring strawberry-flavored biscuits, this super indulgent creation is set to captivate taste buds and elevate the ice cream sandwich experience. Both flavors have swiftly become best-selling products, currently available exclusively in Gujarat. The introduction of these new flavors stands as a significant milestone for Havmor, propelling the growth of the overall ice cream sandwich business.

The Wildberries and Cookies N Cream Ice Cream Sandwiches are poised to become instant favorites, offering a unique and delightful twist to the traditional ice cream experience. Havmor continues to redefine the boundaries of indulgence, delivering joy in every bite because it’s that good!

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