iD Fresh Food launches Homestyle Whole Wheat Triangular Parathas

After a huge success with Malabar Parotas & whole wheat lachha parathas, the brand yet again brings out another innovation in the form of Homestyle Whole Wheat parathas in a triangular pack
iD Fresh Food launches Homestyle Whole Wheat Triangular Parathas

iD Fresh Food Whole Wheat Triangular Parathas

Photo - iD Fresh Food

iD Fresh Food, India’s largest fresh food brand, today announced the launch of its much awaited, Homestyle Whole Wheat Parathas. After a huge success with their Malabar Parota & whole wheat lachha parathas, iD continues to strengthen its presence in the growing healthy food market in India, with the launch of these Homestyle Whole Wheat Parathas.

The product will be launched starting with Bengaluru market, followed by the rest of the regions. The uniquely triangular shaped parathas are made with 100% whole wheat, with completely natural ingredients and no added chemicals or preservatives. They are tasty and healthy, with a limited shelf life. The light and soft bite of these parathas, make them suitable for regular consumption at home. All you have to do is unpack and heat to make it ready to eat and enjoy it with your favourite curry or sukhi sabzi.

iD Fresh being a customer centric brand has always been super responsive to what their customers’ needs and expectations are, without compromising on the health, taste or convenience factors. iD Homestyle Whole What Parathas, are priced at Rs 70/- (for 390 gm) and come with a shelf life of five to six days. iD’s parathas along with being healthy also brings in a little twist in the form of its triangular shape. This is the first of its kind to be available in the market.

Photo - iD Fresh Food

Speaking about iD’s Fresh’s idea behind this product, PC Musthafa, CEO and co-founder of iD Fresh Food, said, “iD Fresh has always stuck to the ideology of making healthy and fresh food available to our customers on a daily basis. I have always given priority to the ever-evolving needs of our customers and make sure to keenly listen to their feedbacks. Like our other products, the Homestyle Whole Wheat Parathas too are made using traditional techniques starting from specially ground whole wheat, traditionally baked, no chemicals or additives. These are iD’s biggest strengths and differentiators when compared to any other similar products in the market. Our customers can be rest assured about the quality of the product and continue loving the brand as they have always been.”

Rahul Gandhi, chief marketing officer, iD Fresh Food, said, “The homestyle whole wheat triangular parathas are a very common form of bread in North Indian households. So, this was iD’s attempt at creating the same product with equal amount of hygiene and taste which one would expect out of a traditional home-made paratha. This innovation behind the triangular shaped pack had been in the pipeline for quite some time and I am glad we finally could add this in our list of SKUs. Customers can now enjoy this brand-new product without having to worry about their health, hygiene and taste factors”.

Given that iD owns its entire supply chain, the company has the ability to be agile in meeting changing consumer demands, while exercising strict quality control and faster speed to market. Their customer-centric approach to innovation has helped ensure that all products are aligned with the emotional quotient and lifestyles of consumers.

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