IFF unveils new clean label solution for South American Bakers

Grindsted Powerbake Clean replaces certain ingredients traditionally used in bakery
IFF has used the insights in the launch of the latest innovative bakery solution for industrial breads.
IFF has used the insights in the launch of the latest innovative bakery solution for industrial breads.Photo - IFF

The term ‘clean label’ is increasingly highlighted in the media as something that deserves attention from the food industries. ‘Clean label’ generally resonates with consumers as products that do not contain artificial ingredients, are naturally processed, free from a component they consider unhealthy, or have a shorter list of ingredients.

An IFF survey commissioned by GfK (Growth from Knowledge), a global market research company, reveals important insights from consumers in Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina. While the findings show no clear definition on ‘clean label’, results reveal it is often associated with more responsible consumption, natural ingredients, and clear nutritional information. IFF has used the insights in the launch of the latest innovative bakery solution for industrial breads.

“The clean label movement is gaining strong momentum in other regions, and this will most likely happen in South America,” says Vanessa Martins Mendes, marketing manager for Bakery, IFF. “With the survey, we found that South American consumers who check labels tend to classify ingredients they do not understand as something negative, and product compositions are expected to be a key driver when purchasing industrial bread. We urge companies that do not want to be left behind should start considering these consumer insights now.”

To help food manufacturers meet consumers’ need for more user-friendly formulations in industrial bread, IFF is launching a new, innovative bakery solution for South America. Grindsted Powerbake Clean is a solution that replaces certain ingredients that are traditionally used in bakery, some of which have names that consumers are unfamiliar with.

Grindsted Powerbake Clean is a blend of soy lecithin, enzymes, and natural soluble fiber. It is an alternative to the dough strengtheners currently used in bread formulations, making it possible to avoid oxidizing agents.

Cost and process benefits

“Grindsted Powerbake Clean can replace 100% of the vital wheat gluten that is usually added to the formulas of industrialized bread. This allows baked goods producers to have a better production plan with potential cost savings since vital gluten has a considerable price variation,” shares Ana Paula Micheloto, product manager for Latin America, IFF.

“Grindsted Powerbake Clean is an innovative solution because it reinforces not only the gluten network but also the structure of bread in general,” explains Luís Gióia, bakery application specialist at IFF. “Eliminating both reinforcers and vital gluten from formulations is a difficult task, especially in whole-grain bread, due to the high bran content from whole grain wheat flours, as well as other ingredients such as fibers, seeds, and grains. Furthermore, industrial solutions usually result in a heavier bread loaf and hinder the formation of the gluten network in a way it lacks reinforcement. With Powerbake Clean, we can avoid these complications.”

Gióia adds, “Grindsted Powerbake Clean range delivers process benefits, such as increased dough strength, higher tolerance, greater volume, and better-shaped loaves. A key benefit is that it enhances dough water absorption (between 1 to 5%), which increases the yield, resulting in the production of more bread loaves per batch compared to traditional formulations.”

Grindsted Powerbake Clean is yet another unique solution to add to IFF’s current broad portfolio of solutions for industrial bread after the successful launch of the Grindsted BWA range.

“The ingredients in Powerbake Clean act synergistically to provide a robust and complete solution, developed to meet the market demands”, adds Micheloto.

IFF has the most extensive and diverse portfolio of ingredients for the baking industry and a global network of research and development, application centers, and production sites in several locations worldwide.

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