Indus Valley & Koparo unveil Cast Iron seasoning oil

Indus Valley & Koparo unveil Cast Iron seasoning oil
Photo - Indus Valley

The collaboration of kitchen specialists, the new limited-edition Cast-Iron Seasoning Oil is the go-to product for millennial kitchens.

Cooking is central to better living! The Indus Valley is on a mission to make Indian kitchens healthier by getting deep into the science of cookware. After all the utensils you use matter as much as the ingredients.

More families are going back to their roots and are choosing cast iron cookware as it is healthier and sturdier. There are no toxic Teflon coatings and it even adds much-needed Iron to your diet!

Based on conversations with customers, The Indus Valley understood that they can do more than hand-holding them in the journey to using healthy cookware. There was a need to further simplify and drive better performance from cast iron cookware. This was the driving force behind formulating Cast Iron Seasoning Oil.

According to the press release, the Indus Valley X Koparo collaboration is designed to bring to you a superior performance cast iron seasoning oil to increase the longevity of your pans and give you best-in-class cookware protection. "We researched global solutions and spent time understanding the best formula that suits Indian homes."

PETA-approved All Vegan formula, this organic certified Cast Iron Seasoning Oil offers a high-efficacy blend of various vegetable oils with advanced seasoning properties. It comes in an easy to use and store packaging and is a great addition to modern kitchens using cast iron cookware. The product comes with an easy to apply spray nozzle. The blend of oils has an ideal smoking point for the perfect seasoning.

Madhumitha, co-founder and chief operating officer, The Indus Valley, said, “Today, customers are focussed on healthy living and choosing brands that do not compromise on their wellness. Health-conscious, responsible and earth-loving homes are choosing cast iron cookware at a fast rate. We want to make the life of these customers healthier and easier. Koparo is a like-minded brand building safer & healthier kitchen cleaners. Our collaboration equips our customers with a product that helps in maintaining their cast iron cookware with this best-in-class Cast Iron Seasoning Oil.”

Simran Khara, founder and chief executive officer, Koparo, said, “We’re delighted to have collaborated with The Indus Valley for the launch of Cast Iron Seasoning Oil. This is Koparo’s first-ever co-branded product and we couldn’t have asked for a better partnership. More and more millennial homes are choosing cast iron cookware, and a product to help them maintain their cookware was much needed. We are very excited and are looking forward to a great response.”

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