Introducing Déluré, the low-alcohol and alcohol-free wine label from France in the US

New wines for the new year - Perfect for drinkers looking for low-calorie, lighter wine options that don't compromise on flavor
Introducing Déluré, the low-alcohol and alcohol-free wine label from France in the US
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The New Year has started, and for some, that means an annual dry January, and for others, a time to lighten things up after a season of excess. Déluré is hitting shelves as the first line of low-calorie, low-alcohol, and alcohol-free wines from France to launch in the US.

Déluré, a French word that means bold or sassy, is a new line of wines made for wine lovers looking for a lighter option that doesn't compromise on flavor. Made from grapes harvested in the south of France near the Mediterranean Sea, the wines are balanced, full-flavored, and refreshing, with less or no alcohol and lower calories.

Low-Alcohol Wines: The new Déluré low-alcohol wines are made with grapes picked at full ripeness, and then after fermentation is complete, alcohol is either completely removed or removed from a portion of the wine and then blended back in. They are 9% ABV and 85 calories per 5 oz serving and available in Rosé, Blanc, and Rouge for a selling retail price of 14.99 dollars.

Rouge 2021 – 50% Grenache | 50% Syrah This classic southern French red blend of Grenache and Syrah is medium-bodied with fresh red cherry and blackberry aromas. Balanced and endlessly drinkable, this versatile red wine provides refreshment and refinement.

Blanc 2021 – 100% Chardonnay Pale in color with enticing aromas of ripe peach and crisp green apple fruit. It mellows in texture with just enough juiciness to liven things up.

Rosé 2021 – 100% Grenache Pale pink in color with aromas of fresh cherries, strawberries, and violets. Light in texture, long in flavor, and low in alcohol. The only thing missing is the calories.

Alcohol-Removed Wine: The new Déluré Zero has only 35 calories per 8 oz serving and is available as an alcohol-removed Sparkling Rosé for an SRP of 14.99 dollars. 100% Grenache grapes are harvested at full sugar and flavor ripeness, and alcohol is then removed from the full-strength wine, sparkle is added, and the wine is bottled under pressure for maximum refreshment.

"There is a growing interest in low- and no-alcohol wines, but few existing brands offer the quality and experience people desire when enjoying a glass of wine," said Brett Vankoski, vice president and wine director, Latitude Beverage, the creators of Déluré. "The wines of Déluré provide all of the pleasure and enjoyment of wine with the benefit of fewer calories and alcohol. These are bottles that wine lovers will want to open when they want to cut back on calories but not on taste."

Déluré low-alcohol and alcohol-free wines are now available for purchase online and on shelves in limited markets.

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