Jimmy’s collaborates with Sleepy Owl Coffee to launch an Espresso Martini Cocktail mixer

Jimmy’s X Sleepy Owl, Espresso Martini is the second signature mixer by Jimmy’s Cocktail Labs, specially crafted for coffee enthusiasts
Jimmy’s collaborates with Sleepy Owl Coffee to launch an Espresso Martini Cocktail mixer

Radiohead Brands, makers of Jimmy’s, a leading non-alcoholic mixers company introduced Espresso Martini, a finely crafted cocktail mixer for the coffee enthusiasts in collaboration with homegrown coffee brand Sleepy Owl.

Crafted at Jimmy’s Cocktail Labs, the Espresso Martini mixer is an exquisite mélange of two of India’s finest homegrown brands in their respective categories- India’s leading homegrown coffee brand Sleepy Owl and India’s fastest-growing Cocktail mixer brand Jimmy’s. This combination delivers a great new product that brings in all the complexities and richness of an Espresso Martini and will be available soon exclusively on drinkjimmys.com.

Commenting on the launch, Ankur Bhatia, founder & chief executive officer, Radiohead Brands, said, “At Jimmy’s Cocktail Labs, we are always looking to bring new and exciting ways for consumers to enjoy their spirits. For Jimmy’s, Sleepy Owl was a natural fit to collaborate with given the way both brands have transformed their respective categories. Both our teams have been jointly working on this product for some time and we are excited to finally launch an Espresso Martini mixer, crafted with the punch of espresso coffee infused with a balanced complexity of flavors that Jimmy’s is now known for.”

Jimmy’s Espresso Martini, while best enjoyed on ice mixed with Vodka or Gin is also an exceptional companion to a variety of spirits and can even catch a punch as a refreshing chilled beverage. The craftsmanship behind the curation of Espresso Martini is a testament to India’s fast-growing love for both coffee and cocktails, and a new homegrown ability to create high-quality craft beverages in India, taking flavor innovation to the next level.

Commenting on the partnership, Arman Sood, co-founder, Sleepy Owl, said, “The sweet irony is that the idea for this collaboration was churned over a couple of Martinis. With the resurgence of this cult classic, we thought it was the best time for the two brands to come together and co-create a product that will get the ‘Caffeinated Cocktail Enthusiasts’ bouncing off the walls.”

The Espresso Martini is the ninth cocktail mixer from Jimmy’s, which had recently launched The New Old Fashioned in August. The limited release variant will be launched for Coffee Lovers in specially designed Cocktail Packs, which will include 2 bottles of Espresso Martini and a coupe glass at INR 799, available exclusively on drinkjimmys.com.

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