Kaapi launches India's first Modbar at Araku Cafe in Bangalore

Espresso brewing system
Kaapi launches India's first Modbar at Araku Cafe in Bangalore
Kaapi Machines in association with La Marzocco, Italy installs India’s first modular under-counter espresso equipment at Araku Café Bangalore Photo - Kaapi Machines

Kaapi Machines, India's leading coffee equipment supplier for the mercantile industry, launches India's first Modbar at Araku Cafe in Bangalore. Kaapi Machines' endeavor to partner with and brings to India world-class brands that have launched cutting-edge technology and innovation in the coffee equipment industry. This led to an exclusive partnership with the La Marzocco Group and paved the way for the first setup of Modbar in India.

According to the company, Modbar brings an extremely innovative, first-of-its-kind Espresso brewing system that can be neatly tucked away under the counter, allowing the owners to create their modular bar or Modbar. One can program the lever as per preferences, double or single espresso by time, ratio, or even a purge option after every use. This allows the creation of distinct stations with a few standalone steam wands. If one wants to keep things classy and mirror the traditional espresso machine, align the espresso and steam modules, showing a close-up view of how the perfect cappuccino is made. Whatever customer experience one wants to go through, Modbar has a module for just the purpose.

Making for a seamless center stage piece - from architectural studios and art galleries to hip offices and co-working spaces; from luxury product showrooms and boutique hotels to spa and fitness centers; from patisseries to the automotive showrooms - looking to fashion a new cocktail bar with a possibility to make a specialty coffee espresso, without placing anything to obstruct the design of a location. Modbar systems give you the freedom to build out a bar flow as unique as the exact vision for your space. Use combinations of espresso, steam, and pour-over as you like it!

India is a burgeoning market in the F&B sector where brands are always curating newer dining and café concepts and looking for more innovative ideas and heightened consumer experiences. In a growing market, there is always a potential to offer more. With Modbar, the objective of Kaapi Machines is to offer a unique and engaging coffee drinking experience that will be second to none. With exclusive partnerships with brands offering cutting-edge coffee equipment and tech innovations, Kaapi Machines aims to address the gap of efficient and sophisticated coffee equipment in India that could transform the superior quality of homegrown coffee beans into a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

Giulia Spanio, Global business development manager- La Marzocco on exclusive India partner collaboration with Kaapi Machines, says, "Kaapi Machines is recognized as India's premier Coffee Equipment supplier. They are also a premium coffee consulting organization and a training center. For us, Kaapi Machines is a solid, well-organized, greatly experienced, reliable partner. They are deeply rooted in the territory, with unrivaled national service and support capabilities. We had known of Kaapi Machines for some time and, when the chance to work together arose, we entered into the collaboration we see today. We feel there is room and opportunity for us to grow together, working side by side. With the support and strengths of Kaapi Machines, coupled with our experience, we are uniquely positioned to bring technology, quality, reliability, and our passion to this incredible market. Together, we offer our service to all the visionaries who want to create something unique and exceptional in this beautiful country.

Talking about the collaboration, Abhinav Mathur, chief executive officer of Kaapi Machines, states, "It has always been our endeavor to play a meaningful part in the growth and elevation of the coffee community in India. We are privileged to have partnered with some of the most innovative and exciting brands in the coffee domain worldwide and bring all such accumulated knowledge to the ever-growing Indian coffee community, including large café chains and Roasters and Baristas coffee aficionados. This partnership with La Marzocco for the first installation of Modbar at the iconic Araku Café in Bangalore is one more step towards bringing yet another innovation to the market. With Modbar, we hope to partner with cafe owners, architects, and consultants to earmark unique concepts and bring to café patrons a never-seen experience of coffee brewing and engagement."

Kaapi Machines was established to address the gap of efficient and sophisticated coffee equipment in India that could transform the superior quality of homegrown coffee beans into a good cup of coffee. The name Kaapi Machines takes its inspiration from South Indian filter coffee, popularly known as 'Kaapi', meaning 'coffee'.

Kaapi Machines envisioned expanding the 'good coffee' tribe in India from café to every household by actively collaborating with the ever-growing coffee community in the country. They are associated with reputed international partners like Rancilio, WMF, La Marzocco, Vitamix, Mahlkonig, Bunn, Urnex, Ditting, to name a few. Their offerings also include a range of products, including Roasters, Grinders, Coffee Machines, Ice Blenders, and Advance Coffee Technology. With consulting and training services also available for their customers, they intend to be the complete supplier of the coffee ecosystem throughout India. Kaapi Machines firmly believe in quality over quantity. This means that their customers have access to a range of high-quality products supported by in-house coffee consultants and professionally trained service personnel.

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