LOTTE introduces two exciting flavors

Bringing unique flavors from Italy and Korea - LOTTE Italiano Tiramisu and LOTTE Megaton ice cream
LOTTE introduces two exciting flavors
Photo - LOTTE

Indulging in ice cream is a timeless pleasure, and it's always the perfect treat, no matter the season. So, if you're a true ice cream enthusiast, then you shouldn't miss out on trying the two sensational new flavors recently introduced by LOTTE Ice Cream – LOTTE World cone Italiano Tiramisu ice cream and LOTTE Megaton. Both flavors come from LOTTE Well Food, a South Korean multinational company famous for its ice creams & confectionaries worldwide. Havmor Ice Cream, a part of LOTTE Wellfood is one of India’s largest and most loved ice cream brands.

LOTTE Megaton is a classic and delicious Korean sensation, popular in South Korea for over 30 years. Bringing a luxurious treat of coffee and caramel in every single bite, its smooth creaminess, coupled with the luscious sweetness of caramel, creates a delectable experience that is both comforting and indulgent. The ice cream comes in stick/bar format and is a must-try for any caramel or coffee lover!!

The other new option in LOTTE World Cone Italiano Tiramisu simply transports one to the enchanting streets of Italy. With its harmonious blend of taste of mascarpone cream, brownies, and coffee, one can only lose themselves in the taste of this masterpiece of ice cream. The World Cone ice cream is also available in flavors like Double Belgian Chocolate, Swiss Choco Brownie, and Nutty French Vanilla, its attractive and spill-proof packaging makes it even more convenient.

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