Masqa introduces gourmet couverture chocolate products

Masqa’s range of products will offer premium chocolates in the form of bars, barks and pebbles
Masqa introduces gourmet couverture chocolate products
Photo - Masqa

Join Ventures, house of D2C brands for celebrations, is now all set to enter the F&B space with its D2C premium food brand, Masqa.

The new brand introduces its first product portfolio with a wide range of couverture chocolate products in the form of bars, barks, and pebbles with innovative flavors and fine culinary craftsmanship.

Founded in December 2022, Masqa’s range of chocolate products includes some of the classic flavors in milk chocolate bars like Classic Smooth, Chewy Crunch and dark chocolate bars like Dark Divine and Nutty Delight. It also offers a spin on these classic chocolates with innovative flavors like the pink Himalayan salt, chilli and rose.

Commenting on the launch, Anuja Joshi, co-founder, Masqa said, “With the need for diversity and the evolving preferences of customers, we at Masqa have embarked upon a journey to offer delectable chocolate products to cater to customers with an evolved taste.”

“The idea behind launching Masqa was to cater to an audience that appreciates richness, flavors, and textures of chocolates. Masqa, as a premium chocolate brand, aims to offer its patrons luxury and indulgence with every bite. At the same time, it encourages the consumers to try bold flavors of its offerings made of unique ingredients like chilli, Himalayan pink salt, blonde rose etc. Masqa’s vision for its consumers is to celebrate smaller moments and simplest pleasures of life by transforming chocolate consumption into an ethereal experience” she added.

Masqa’s launch further strengthens Join Ventures’ commitment to bringing innovative and premium products into the market.

The newly introduced Masqa range will be available across top 25 cities through Masqa's official website.

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