Max Protein introduces Muesli Munchies

Max Protein introduces Muesli Munchies

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Max Protein has recently expanded its protein portfolio by adding Muesli Munchies to its basket, benefiting from a post-COVID surge in in-home or on-the-go consumption of healthy protein-rich food. Max Protein is the market leader in protein bars, they have first launched and revolutionized the Protein bars market in India and the fastest growing health food company with their wide range of products, ranging from protein bars, nutrition bars, protein cookies, protein chips, protein peanut butter and recently launched Protein Muesli Munchies. The pandemic has seen Indians being more inclined towards health-conscious and have started taking a conscious effort to start munching on healthy snacking. In post-covid scenario, the need for convenient and healthy food has gone up. And with this, Max Protein is differentiating and innovating its product portfolio.

Enjoy Max Protein Muesli in multiple variants. Explore FRUIT & NUTS, which are 100% roasted in finest Honey, CHOCO CRUNCHY, which are coated with delicious Dark Chocolate and NUTS & SEEDS sweetened with Dietary Fiber (0 percent Added Sugar).

Compared to any other leading Muesli Brands, Max Protein Muesli Munchies has 2X PROTEIN, that is, 10g Protein as in 2 cups of Dal, Fiber as in 1 Apple, Goodness of 7 Grains and the Protein Energy to KEEP GOING. Max Protein Muesli Munchies is sweetened naturally from ingredients used in the product. It is all about Real Ingredients, Real Taste & Real Health-Max Protein Muesli Munchies stands high above the rest. Try a wide range of tasty products loaded with grains, nuts, seeds, fruits- jumbo oats, Quinoa, Wheat, Corn, Almond, Jowar, Dry Fruits, Barley, and soy, Black Gram, Rice, Cranberries, Black Raisins, Chickpea, Watermelon Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds.

Max Protein Muesli is crafted from the same company under the same brand, which has created and nurtured protein bars category in Indian Market. It is available across all major cities, including supermarkets, hypermarkets, and general stores. You can also grab one from E-commerce retailers-Amazon, Swiggy Instamart, Big Basket, Blinkit and others.

Last year, Max Protein was piloted into big, tasty protein cookies. Just as they launched Max Protein Cookies with 3 delicious favors- Choco Chips, Oats & Raisins, Nuts & Seeds- in February 2021, which received an outrageous response of 10,00,000+ units of Max Protein Cookies being sold within just 4 months of its initial launch. Just like their popular Max Protein Bars being sold over 1+ crore units every year, also recognized as ‘Best Snack of the Year’ by CIMS and ‘Lifestyle Protein Food Brand’ by World Leadership Congress and Awards 2022. Like Max Protein Bars and Cookies, Muesli too will be in the same league for them.

Founder and chief executive officer Vijay Uttarwar said, “Owing to our hectic work schedules, many of us grab a quick bite in the mornings or even end up skipping breakfast on some days despite knowing the benefits of having a nutritious breakfast. But what if you get all the nutrition required to jump-start your day in just one bowl which can be consumed with milk in the morning or without milk munch on whenever, wherever? Max Protein Muesli stands high on balancing the health and taste factor, launched in popular flavors. Ensuring all the health parameters are ticked-7 Grains, 10g Protein, 5g Fiber, 21 percent-Fruits Nuts Seeds, Natural Ingredients, heart-healthy and simply delicious. Also, an excellent source of 2X Protein as compared to the other leading muesli brands.”

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