Maya Pistola Agavepura introduces its premium craft spirit in Gurugram

Maya Pistola Agavepura introduces its premium craft spirit in Gurugram
Photo - Maya Pistola Agavepura

Maya Pistola Agavepura, the pioneering craft spirit brand, proudly announces its launch in Gurugram, bringing its renowned smoothness, premium quality, and expert craftsmanship to the discerning consumers of the city. Maya Pistola Agavepura has established a unique presence in the Indian craft spirit space, offering a 100% agave spirit made from the wild agave Americana, sourced from India's Deccan plateau.

The wait is finally over for the spirit enthusiasts of Gurugram, as Maya Pistola Agavepura is now available in select stores across the region. Consumers can find our exceptional craft spirit at 12 esteemed locations, including The Liquor Warehouse, The Cellar, and G-Town Wines, strategically situated in prime areas of Gurugram.

"We are thrilled to bring Maya Pistola Agavepura to the discerning consumers of Gurugram," said founder Rakshay Dhariwal of Maya Pistola Agavepura. "Our craft spirit represents the perfect blend of passion, expertise, and the rich heritage of India's Deccan plateau. With its smoothness, zero additives, and premium quality, Maya Pistola Agavepura is set to redefine the expectations of craft spirits in the region."

The launch in Gurugram marks just the beginning of Maya Pistola Agavepura's ambitious expansion phase. Alongside geographical growth, the brand aims to introduce exciting new variants, engage in collaborations with like-minded brands, and cater to popular demand by retailing Pistola merchandise.

For those seeking an exceptional drinking experience, Maya Pistola Agavepura offers an aged agave spirit that embodies the essence of craftsmanship and authenticity. Handcrafted with care, our spirit is meticulously distilled to deliver a smoothness that captivates the palate, leaving a lasting impression on every sip.

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