Mezmo brings guilt-free solution to your sweet cravings

A little happiness to the world without any worry or guilt
Mezmo brings guilt-free solution to your sweet cravings

Mezmo Very Strawberry, Mezmo Tarty Lemon, and Mezmo Tangelo Orange

Photo - Mezmo

Mumbai-based Mezmo, a homegrown brand, has launched candies that are all-new, all-natural, all-wonderful. Started in 2021, the brand believes that life is too short to skip out on the things that make it all worthwhile. “Candy! Sigh, so delicious but so, so bad for you!..... Mezmo reasoned that it was past time for someone to reconsider the concept. Could we create some deliciousness that was so good that it was.. good for you? We believed it was possible! The result? An incredible set of yummy treats,” stated Mezmo.

As many candy enthusiasts, the brand wanted to make its sweets as natural and healthy as possible. This meant without adding bright, artificial colors that are made from toxic petroleum-based ingredients. According to Mezmo, the candy contains added dietary fiber from citrus peels and prebiotic, making it excellent for your gut health. The candy claims to have all the goodness of delicious candy and none of the nasties. It has no artificial colors, no added white sugar, no HFCS (high fructose corn syrup), or any pesky chemicals.

Mezmo Very Strawberry, Mezmo Tarty Lemon, and Mezmo Tangelo Orange are the three yummy flavors available on and Amazon. The product comes in a 36g pack with 12 jellies that costs Rs 175 per pack. In addition, there is an introductory offer of 20% discount on a pack of 3.

The brand has a confectionery chef, Rameet Kaur, on board. She is a graduate from IHM who specializes in food production, patisserie, gastronomy, and nutrition. With over a decade of experience at 5-star hotels, she brings her expertise and passion to all the treats it creates.

Speaking about the brand, Megha Rawal, a certified Health Coach and founder of Mezmo, said, “Taste is super important to us! We experiment, test, and try every combination of natural ingredients imaginable, going through multiple trials and taste sessions to ensure we land on the perfect fix. Safe to say, your candy cravings are in good hands.”

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