Mirakle, a health drink infused with Vitamin C to boost immunity

The company targets around 200,000 packs a month by 2021-22
Mirakle, a health drink infused with Vitamin C to boost immunity
Mirakle, a Vitamin-C rich health drink boosts one's immunity and available in a tetra packPhoto - ABT

During the second wave of Covid-19, cases are rising in India at an unprecedented pace. The country is grappling with the unavailability of hospital beds, ventilators, and other essential medicines. In such a situation, it is crucial that apart from strictly adhering to Covid-19 safety protocols, people also take care of their immunity.

Although a better immunity will not prevent a person from getting an infection, but it will help make the person stronger to fight it. There are numerous ways to boost immunity, for example, the government has issued a list of Ayurveda options to improve immunity. Understanding the current need, South India's corporate ABT has launched an immunity-boosting health drink, 'Mirakle', rich in Vitamin C. The company claims that it is more effective than Vitamin C tablets and has an absorption rate of 98%.

Mirakle is the brain-child of Manickam Mahalingam (eldest son of "Padma Bhushan" Arutselvar N Mahalingam), chairman and managing director, ABT. Mahalingam speaks, "Mirakle, a health drink infused with 1000mg of Vitamin C, was launched in the market during the beginning of the pandemic in Tamil Nadu last year and very recently launched in Mumbai. This Vitamin-C rich health drink can be consumed to boost one's immunity and available in a tetra pack." Approved by the FSSAI, this mango flavored drink comes in a convenient 200ml aseptic packaging.

According to Mahalingam, Mirakle is a product developed over the last 18 years. To make liposomes into a customer-friendly form and pack took a lot of research and many trials with different parameters.

Manickam Mahalingam, chairman and managing director, ABT
Manickam Mahalingam, chairman and managing director, ABTPhoto - ABT

Manufacturing and sales

Mirakle's manufacturing plants are located at Sakthi Sugars, a group company in Tamil Nadu. ABT, the parent company, has prior experience in bottling soft drinks and fruit juices for various corporate beverage majors in India. Explaining the manufacturing capacity, Mahalingam says, "Mirakle's 4,000 sq ft manufacturing plant produces 200,000 packs in a day. Until January 2021, Mirakle has manufactured 900,000 tetra packs. Current monthly sales of Mirakle are around 60,000 packs a month, and the company is targeting around 200,000 packs a month by 2021-22."

USP and customer feedback

Mahalingam explains that a patented process uniquely manufactures the product. He claims, "There is no other product that is currently available in this form anywhere. We do not see any competition soon. As far the marketing goes, we want to make our audiences aware of the benefits of Vitamin C for the overall well-being of their body. Mirakle is not just Vitamin C but Vitamin C in a liposomal form, resulting in a 98% absorption rate by the body." According to Mahalingam, the customer feedback for Mirakle has been very positive. The product claims to address the overall wellness of people and has become an integral part of people's everyday nutrition.

Availability and distribution

Mirakle can be ordered from the comfort of one's home through eCommerce platforms www.Mirakle.life. In addition, Mirakle is available in Nilgiris and major pharmacies across Coimbatore. In Chennai, it is available in Nilgiris, and it is available in all Wellness Forever stores across Mumbai, Thane, and Pune. It is available at an attractive price of Rs 50 and Rs 60 (Sugar-free) for a 200 ml pack.

The company plans to launch Mirakle in global markets via online eCommerce platforms, and efforts are currently underway to execute the vision. In 2020 the company exported the product to Singapore and is currently in talks with distributors in the Gulf region.

Mahalingam concludes, "We aren't looking at any product expansion for now. We aim to be present across major Indian markets by the end of 2021. Internationally we are looking at markets like Singapore and Dubai. Works are also underway to launch Mirakle on global eCommerce platforms. We will be introducing Mirakle phase-wise across the country."

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