Modi Naturals launches JYNX instant drink mixes

Modi Naturals launches JYNX instant drink mixes
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With the aim to get Indians to hydrate well all year round, especially during the summer months, Modi Naturals has launched a new-age instant drink mixes brand – JYNX. It has an exciting range of products such as - Lemon Iced Tea, Classic Mojito, along with the refreshingly delicious - Mango and Orange variants. Jynx is a companion to not only beat the heat or be a showstopper in a party but also to give a zing of rejuvenation after a long day.

Extreme temperatures from the summer season automatically raise the demand for cool beverages. The pursuit of hydration brings with it the opportunity to try delicious flavors. Hence, people are drawn to instant drink mixes given their convenient preparation, refreshing hydration, instant energy, and delightful flavors.  

JYNX instant drink mixes are fortified with vitamins A, B, C, and real fruit powder, all of which provide a boost to the immune system along with plenty of hydration.

Speaking about the launch of JYNX with its range of exciting new products, Akshay Modi, managing director, Modi Naturals said, “Jynx is a brand of powdered beverages that can be easily mixed with water to create delicious drinks in variants such as lemon iced tea, mango, orange, and classic mojito. We launched Jynx to appeal to Gen-Z consumers who are looking for convenience, variety, and fun in their beverage choices. Jynx also helps us diversify our portfolio and offset seasonality during the summer months. By introducing innovative products like the Mojito drink mix, we are creating a unique value proposition in a market segment that has low competition and high potential.” 

Jynx’s beloved classic mojito drink mix best enjoyed when mixed with soda, also a hit in parties & celebrations - is a quintessential zesty variant, made with real lemon. Considered a classic in the beverage world, the mojito drink mix is an imaginative and convenient way to relish the fizzy drink. The orange and mango instant drink mixes are the go-to drinks for a peak fruity sensation during the summer season, especially for kids. Lemon Iced Tea - crafted with the finest blend of Assam tea – is a timeless mix. The mango and orange drink mixes are available in 125 gms & 500 gms, lemon iced tea mix is available in 400 gms and 65 gms, whereas classic mojito is available in 65 gms. 

These variants are presently sold via offline stores and will also soon be available on eCommerce platforms.

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