Mohan Brothers launches VSOP French grape Burlingtons brandy

Nine variants in the pipeline to be introduced during 2021 in a phased manner
Mohan Brothers launches VSOP French grape Burlingtons brandy
Burlingtons brandy is made from the cask containing various combinations of aged matured grape spirit.Photo - Mohan Brothers

As we herald 2021 with much cheer and renewed hope, Mohan Brothers give another reason to celebrate – the launch of Burlingtons very superior old pale (VSOP) reserve French grape brandy, a fine blend, and a niche offering from the legendary liquor company.

For decades, Mohan Brothers has been in the business is the name behind the renowned Doctor's Brandy Reserve No 1, which is arguably India's best brandy and a formidable brand since 1972. Mohan Brothers, headed by Amarlal Bajaj and now his daughter Pooja Bajaj Chadha, has been following the same process that makes cognac the best-known brandy in the world. Their aging process, ratios, formula, and entire execution of the drink remain unchanged since its inception, which gives Doctor's Brandy Reserve No1 its signature flavor and smoothness that has been retained all these years.

With decades of unparalleled experience and invaluable expertise, Mohan Brothers is now all set to launch its new premium brand Burlingtons VSOP reserve French grape brandy, which is made from an exclusive blending process that makes it distinctive.

The grapes used are handpicked and carefully selected from the Baramati area. The fruit is then processed to get the right spirit which is then matured as per the required number of years in the cask. Different casks with varying ages of matured spirit are then combined to make a master classic matured grape spirit, which is used to blend the Burlingtons VSOP reserve French grape brandy.

"Burlingtons brandy is made from the cask containing various combinations of aged matured grape spirit. This combination and ratio is the brand's closely guarded secret formula. The blending process takes 15 days, wherein each day, a different aged matured grape spirit is added to the base alcohol to achieve the desired taste and an exhilarating aroma. The ambrosial drink is comparable to the taste of any French cognac, and its aroma lingers around much longer once it is poured into the glass," says Pooja Bajaj Chadha, chief executive officer, Mohan Brothers.

There are nine exclusive variants in the pipeline planned to be introduced during 2021 in a phased manner. "Some of these variants are being offered for the first time in the country, so it is going to be a great time for brandy connoisseurs in India," adds Pooja.

Burlingtons was conceived over a decade back by its founder Amarlal Bajaj and had a fascinating story behind it and an intrinsic French connection. During one of his business visits to France, Bajaj was truly enchanted by the knowledge of brandy that a very young oenophile had. He worked at one of France's leading wineries. Along with his expertise, the name "Burlingtons" was christened, and this unique brandy was conceived. This vision turned into a reality when Chadha joined hands with Bajaj. Their unstinting commitment and undying passion have resulted in the brand being available to the palate of brandy connoisseurs in India today.

Details and Pricing

Available in pack sizes of 1000 ml, 750 ml, 375 ml, 180 ml, and 90 ml.

Pricing: Rs 1900 for 1000 ml, Rs 1500 for 750 ml, Rs 750 for 375 ml, Rs 375 for 180 ml and Rs 200 for 90 ml.

All bottles are available in the same diamond pack, while the 1000 ml and 750 ml have a three-window mono carton.

Tasting Notes

Nose - Burlingtons VSOP Reserve French Grape Brandy leaves a pleasant aroma of Vanilla Oak combined with smoky Lint making it highly simulative, vibrant, and aromatic.

Palate - Burlingtons VSOP Reserve French Grape Brandy has a rich fruit taste on the palate and a soft teniente note

Finish - A warm finishing touch on the tongue leaves you wanting for more by unfurling the flavors of blue and purple grapes combined with honey and caramel. These elements are known for their optimum, velvety smoothness and silky texture with a long finish that makes the drink exhilarating.

Future plans

Burlingtons brandy is distilled in one of Maharashtra's most prosperous industrial areas known for its adventure activities and scenic trekking spots. Considering that the factory is equipped with the necessary infrastructure, desired machinery, and storage, the company has plans to launch Whisky, Gin, and Vodka next year.

Founded way back in 1934 by Late Girdharilal Bajaj and Late Mohanlal Bajaj, Mohan Brothers quickly emerged as the biggest importer and distributor of liquor in pre-independence India. Since those times, a pioneer had sent their staff in the 1970s to France to master the art of creating fine blends using locally sourced grapes. After acquiring the required expertise, the company then approached Mohan Meakin, India's oldest brewing company, to distill and launch renowned brandy. The company has been producing Doctor's Brandy Reserve No 1 since 1972 for Mohan Brothers.

Amarlal Bajaj, son of Late Girdharilal Bajaj, who has been managing the company's reigns since 1986, has now passed on the baton to his dynamic daughter Pooja Bajaj Chadha.

With a vision to develop brandy as a 'cool', 'trendy' drink for the millennials just like gin and tonic, Pooja has been working on several projects to give brandy and the company the much-needed makeover. Apart from introducing changes in the packaging and making it more attractive, Pooja has been partnering with restaurants and clubs, encouraging them to experiment with brandy, whether in cocktails, desserts, or food pairings.

The future is now in the hands of Pooja Bajaj Chadha, and it certainly looks promising. After all, millennials and the next generation need to know what Brandy is and how it is can be consumed as a truly healthy alcoholic drink. Its myriad benefits and versatility can certainly help keep their spirits soaring high!

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