Monika Alcobev launches Maestro Dobel Tequila in India

Monika Alcobev launches Maestro Dobel Tequila in India
Photo - Monika Alcobev

Monika Alcobev, one of India's largest Alcobev import, marketing, and distribution companies, launched Maestro Dobel Tequila - the world’s first Cristalino tequila - in India. The brand offers six premium products - Diamante, Silver, Reposado, Anejo, Humito, Pavito, and the legendary Maestro Dobel 50 Cristalino, which add class to any evening.

The name Dobel is an acronym formed from the first syllables of Domingo Beckmann Legorreta's name. Dobel is a blend of 100% blue agave reposado, añejo, and extra añejo tequilas from a single estate in Jalisco, Mexico. The tequilas are aged for one, two, and three years in European white oak barrels and then filtered to remove all color. Introduced in 2008, although it is technically a reposado, Dobel is the first-ever multi-aged clear tequila.

On the occasion of the launch, Kunal Patel, managing director, Monika Alcobev, said, “At Monika Alcobev, we are committed to bringing quality brands from all over the world, and there is a huge demand for premium tequila among Indian consumers. Maestro Dobel is the perfect addition to our portfolio that aims to address this changing consumer need. Maestro Dobel is the embodiment of history and innovation. They are the first to make the flavor-packed Cristalino tequila. In fact, all the products by Maestro Dobel have a rich and smooth taste that fits any occasion. The brand will especially cater to the audiences who are looking to add a premium alcobev to their evenings.”

Maestro Dobel has an array of products that they are launching in the Indian market.

  • Diamante: The variant is full-bodied, smooth, and complex. You will get notes of oak, vanilla, and butterscotch with a touch of spice. Smooth, Sweet, and spicy is how one could describe the drink. Price:13500

  • Silver: It is one of the most popular variants of the brand. Double-distilled for clarity, then bottled, its flavor is a mixture of essences ranging from sweet, caramel, honey, and maple, to nutty, with notes of vanilla. Price: 10,750 (750 ml)

  • Reposado: This one is aged in the finest, charred new American oak barrels. It takes on the essence of oak with some light notes of fruit and hints of vanilla and almond. Best savored on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail. Price: 11,950 (750 ml)

  • Anejo: Maestro Dobel Añejo Tequila is a high-quality, rare spirit that is carefully distilled at La Rojeña Distillery. This Tequila is adored for its toffee, zesty, orange zest, and fresh herbs flavor notes. The adoration is due to its quality as it is from the carefully distilled and developed spirit, which is carefully grown and processed in the distillery. It is sure to provide you with the perfect drink on your next date or vacation. Price: 13,975 (750 ml)

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