Mother's Day in the Sangria Way

A hangout at home with DIY Sangria's
DIY Sangria Kit - The Little Easy
DIY Sangria Kit - The Little Easy Photo - The Little Easy

A loving companion and naughty friend, a mother has all of them and while jumping in May as butterflies fly, Bae's day is coming nearby. Precisely not too many days left for Mother's Day to arrive and this summer as the lockdown extends, everyone will be confined to their homes. The Heat and No Streets will be a tedious task to think of something special for them. Well, The Little Easy is here to help spice it up with their very own easy DIY Sangria Kits.

The Sangria kit includes a bottle of wine, pre-mix and makes up to 1 liter of sangria which is a perfect way to initiate a great chat with the queens without any mise en place required. Just add the pre-mix and the wine and there's a sangria ready for a chill gossip session.

While The Little Easy has a wide range of menus, their Imported DIY Sangria Kit offers imported red, white and rose wines from Jacob Creek (Australia) to Isla De Maipo (Chile) to Giacondi (Italy), and Premium Indian wines, open to customer preferences. The Premium Indian Sangria kit is priced at Rs 1495 + taxes + delivery charges, and the imported kit comes at a reasonable price of Rs 1995 +taxes + delivery charges if chosen. They have a takeaway option available, but one can also order these mind-boggling kits online using their online application and receive them well sanitized and safely delivered at the comfort of their homes. They deliver all across Mumbai.

Summer plans with beachy moms made easy with these DIY sangria kits.


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