Mother's Recipe introduces new 900g pickle variants in Maharashtra

Mother's Recipe introduces new 900g pickle variants in Maharashtra
Photo - Mother's Recipe

Mother’s Recipe, India's leading food brand known for its authentic and delicious flavors announced the launch of its new 900g pickle variants in PET jars. This exciting new offering is set to delight the taste buds of consumers in Maharashtra, specifically in the cities of Mumbai, Pune, and Nagpur, by bringing the authentic flavors of traditional Maharashtrian cuisine straight to their tables.

The new 900g pickles come in two popular variants: Mango and Mix. The Mango Pickle is crafted from handpicked raw mangoes, delivering a perfect blend of tangy and spicy flavors that have long been a favorite in Maharashtrian households. The Mix Pickle, on the other hand creates a unique and delicious combination of carefully selected fruits and vegetables. Ideal for those who love a bit of everything, this variant offers a burst of flavors with every bite, enhancing the dining experience.

Packaged in durable and convenient PET jars, the new pickles ensure freshness and ease of use. The 900g size is perfect for families, providing ample quantity for regular enjoyment without compromising on quality or taste.

Mother's Recipe takes pride in using authentic Maharashtrian recipes, passed down through generations. These pickles are made with the highest quality ingredients and traditional methods, ensuring that each jar retains the true essence and flavors of Maharashtra. By staying true to these time-honored recipes, Mother's Recipe continues to deliver products that stand out for their authenticity and superior taste.

The product range is now available at your neighborhood store and leading supermarkets.

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