Myprotein introduces Protein Rava Idli Mix

South Indian breakfast mix with high protein
Myprotein Protein Rava Idli Mix

Myprotein Protein Rava Idli Mix

Photo - Myprotein

Whether one is trying to get leaner or increase their protein intake, a high-protein breakfast is recommended as the holy grail of a healthy diet. Adding to its diverse range of vitamin and protein supplements, healthy snacks, and sports gear, leading sports and nutrition brand Myprotein is now bringing to the market a healthy breakfast alternative that is high in protein and can help start your day on the right note.

According to the company, the Protein Rava Idli Mix is a high-protein breakfast mix with 22 grams of protein per 100g serving. Rava idli is a popular South Indian breakfast item idli variation, usually made with Rava, Bombay Rava or Semolina.

With this easy-to-use Protein Rava Idli Mix made in just a matter of minutes, one can forget messing around measuring ingredients or trying to perfect batter consistency, it said. The mix guarantees soft and fluffy Rava idli— that works every time and is a delicious way to support your fitness goals. The mix helps you hit your protein requirements to grow and maintain muscle mass while being a delectable Indian delicacy for the whole family.

Talking about the health benefits of this new launch, Renuka Dogra, brand lead India, Myprotein, said, “It is true that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and these easy-to-make Rava idlis help you start in a protein-packed way. Myprotein had previously launched a high-protein dosa mix - our contribution to the production of locally sourced foods and ensuring quality standards at the same time. We hope to make protein consumption easy, healthy, and convenient. Our new launch is a healthy alternative to the regular mixes for those who prefer to take in their protein in the form of piping hot, delicious Indian meals.”

For the recipe, the Rava Idli mix can be stirred with curd and water, poured into idli molds, and prepared like regular idlis inside a steaming vessel. Serve steaming hot, fluffy side up Idlis with green chutney.

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