Naagin Sauce launches Naagin 65 Hot Sauce & Spice Mix Product!

Spice Up your meal with Naagin’s newly launched Naagin 65 Hot Sauce & Spice Mix flavor
Naagin Sauce launches Naagin 65 Hot Sauce & Spice Mix Product!
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Get ready to spice up your life with Naagin Sauce's brand-new products – Naagin 65 Hot Sauce & Spice Mix! With its delicious, homegrown flavors, the brand's website now features this unique newly launched hot sauce flavor and it promises to add a little bit of heat and a whole lot of flavor to your meals, no matter which one of a million ways you use it!

Bringing just a touch of heat are Karnataka’s famous Byadgi Chillies, so you'll notice (well, taste) the benefits almost right away, while the earthy goodness of Indian spices comes from pantry favourites like turmeric, cumin, and coriander seeds. The 65 hot sauce brings you the taste and aroma of the original 65 from Tamil Nadu in a convenient, ready-to-use format that promises restaurant-quality taste at home! Both the hot sauce and the spice mix contain no artificial colours or flavors, making them healthy and tasty additions for your kitchen. So, whether you're looking to upgrade some home snacks or add some zing to your favourite recipes, Naagin’s 65 range is perfect for you! A simply magical mix of spice, crunchy cashew bits and succulent chicken – the iconic ‘Chicken 65’ has been melting hearts for over 50 years at legendary establishments all over India. However, this otherwise humble dish didn't always have its moment in the spotlight; it had a rather modest beginning at the Buhari Hotel in Tamil Nadu way back in 1965.

Modest beginnings in Tamil Nadu can also be said for Naagin’s ‘65’ story, as it’s here that co-founders Mikhel and Kshitij spent their school years – both developing fond memories for the ‘65’ flavor. Being the foodies that they are over at Naagin, they decided to turn that little slice of nostalgia into something edible. The hot sauce and spice mix are so well-balanced, you’ll wonder how it didn’t always exist! These days, the dish continues to be a hot favourite with foodies all around the country and is requested by name at most fine dining restaurants across the country. We think the most remarkable thing is that while the original flavor is a testament to our time-honored traditions – the sheer fact that there isn’t one, but several localized versions of it in every corner of the country says so much. You know it’s an Indian classic when local communities have found ways to add their own unique twist to it!

To place your order, please find information below :

Availability on: Naagin Shop

Price for 65 Hot Sauce: INR 250 (230gms)

Price for 65 Spice Mix: INR 250 (60gms)

Price for Combo: INR 475

Perfect for: Everyone in the family!

The 65 range of flavors isn’t very spicy, but it’s loaded with flavor, pairing superbly with a wide variety of things - chicken, potatoes, cauliflower, paneer, you name it!

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