NOTO goes native with a new range of Gelatos

NOTO ice creams secured funding to launch Gelato Ice Creams in three delightful Indian flavours
NOTO goes native with a new range of Gelatos
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Mumbai-based ice cream brand NOTO has launched its range of gelato ice creams, available in three delicious Indian flavors: Rose Pista, Kesar Pista, and Anjeer. Each of these flavors boasts a rich history of resonating deeply with the Indian palate. These ice creams are denser, richer, and creamier, and they contain half the fat and sugar. Doesn’t that make NOTO the perfect summer treat?

The vision to make desserts healthy is what inspired husband-wife duo Varun Sheth and Ashni Shah to start NOTO in 2019. Noting that most Indians have a sweet tooth, the couple wanted to hit that sweet spot between taste and health. There is a strong notion that healthy food doesn’t always taste good, and this made Ashni and Varun work towards disrupting this misconception.

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With its slow-churned gelato range, NOTO is truly setting the bar high in the healthy dessert category. The Rose Pista is a delicate flavor, with the subtle sweetness of rose balancing the nutty pistachio, while the Anjeer brims with the goodness of figs. As for Kesar Pista, it stands true to being India’s ‘royal, creamy, and classic flavor.’ All the ice creams are priced at Rs. 90 for a serving size of 100 ml and are available on Swiggy and Zomato.

"Gelato has always been a part of our product pipeline; we were just waiting for the right time to launch it. Gelato by nature is lower in fat compared to regular ice creams, and it fits in well with what we do here at NOTO. We gave it an atypical twist by opting for traditionally Indian flavors instead of regular chocolate or caramel. The denser, creamier texture lingers on the palate and makes you go back for more. This range has been inspired by the indigenous flavors of India, flavors most of the country turns to for comfort and indulgence," says Ashni.

"At present, we’ve launched only three flavors, and the product is already available pan-India. We’ve built up inventory before the launch to be able to cater to the summer demand, and we hope that our customers fall in love with this range as well. We’ll eventually launch additional flavors and build out the line," says Varun.

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Previously, NOTO had launched its vegan range with five delightful flavors: Dark Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Mocha Almond, Pistachio, Salted Caramel, and the unique Mango & Raspberry. These ice creams pack a punch in terms of their taste, texture, and richness. NOTO also offers low-calorie ice creams that contain 75% less sugar and more protein than the regular ones, fruit popsicles with no added sugar, ice cream mini bites, and Indian mithais.

It's worth noting that NOTO recently raised two million dollars in pre-series A funding led by White Whale Ventures and Rainmatter. With this funding, the company plans to further solidify its presence in existing markets while penetrating the vast market in tier-1 and tier-2 cities. Besides that, NOTO will also be working towards new product development and building on the core team. The company has indeed grown by leaps and bounds and is being led by a workforce of around 200 people. In a previous round, the company raised four crores rupees in a funding round led by investors such as Titan Capital, Rockstud Capital, VCAT (Venture Catalysts), Bollywood actor and producer John Abraham, WEH Ventures, and other angel investors.

Since its birth, NOTO has been a rage among people all over the country. The brand’s ever-increasing presence is a testament to the fact that healthy desserts are here to stay. So, go native with NOTO and their all-new Indian-inspired gelato range.

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