Nova Dairy's kesar flavored milk adds warmth to this winter

Nova Dairy's kesar flavored milk adds warmth to this winter
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Nova Dairy is the largest dairy producer in India, and its products are well-acknowledged by dairy enthusiasts everywhere. Due to its excellent flavor and nutritional advantages, the company's Kesar (Saffron) Flavored Milk is a wonderful beverage for the cold season.

The Nova flavored milk is healthy, energizing, and nourishing beverage because it is made from pure cow's milk and contains no artificial coloring. The Kesar-flavored milk from Nova Dairy is created with all-natural and preservative-free milk. There are nine important vitamins and minerals in just one serving of the Kesar-flavored milk, making it a nutritional powerhouse as well.

Drinking Kesar milk is a great way to strengthen your immune system. Crocetin, a naturally occurring antioxidant pigment, helps strengthen the immune system and combat pathogens like bacteria and viruses. Additionally, one of the most significant advantages of drinking Kesar Milk is that it lessens the likelihood of catching a cold or coughing.

In addition, saffron has been shown to bring down LDL cholesterol to a more manageable level. Preventing arterial obstruction also aids in heart health and circulation. Drinking a glass of milk added with Kesar every day may help with joint pain, asthma, and mild allergies caused by the weather.

Kesar, also known as saffron, is one of the rarest and costliest spices in the world. The orange-red threads of Kesar, which are both beautiful and delicate, may transform the flavor and appearance of any delicacy or beverage with just a pinch. Nova Dairy has included all the benefits of Kesar for consumers to enjoy the benefits of this healthy spice in a sweet and tasty delight.

In addition to their regular flavors, Nova Dairy also provides elaichi-flavored milk (cardamom) for individuals who enjoy the intense scent of elaichi and wish to reap the benefits of the spice's great potential for improving both physical and mental health. The other distinctive and traditional flavors of flavored milk from Nova Dairy consist of chocolate, rose, butterscotch, and coffee.

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