Oatly & FIJI Water co-founders join forces to introduce 'Good Idea' in the US

Functional sparkling water
Oatly & FIJI Water co-founders join forces to introduce 'Good Idea' in the US

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Good Idea, the functional sparkling water brand that helps you feel good all day, announces its official launch in the US market on 9 November 2021. As the first functional sparkling water with proven efficacy and backed by years of Swedish research, Good Idea is packed with amino acids, chromium, zinc, and electrolytes. According to the company, the beverage is designed to harness the body's natural energy and reduce cravings and balance blood sugar and carbs.

After quietly conducting a soft launch in select markets and retailers, the founders behind Oatly and co-founder of FIJI Water, Bjorn Oste, Rickard Oste, and Doug Carlson, respectively, continued refining Good Idea and ultimately invested around US$9 million in research, product development and third-party, double-blind clinical studies to ensure product efficacy.

"We've spent over seven years building the technology and perfecting the formula behind Good Idea," said Bjorn Oste, co-founder of Good Idea. "We saw an opportunity to make an impact on the long-term health of Americans while also delivering to them a beverage they can enjoy all day, every day."

Good Idea is light, refreshing, and packed with functional ingredients that assist with maintaining your body's natural energy throughout the day, it said. The beverage can be consumed with meals or throughout the day and equips your metabolism with the power to rapidly handle sugar spikes and carbs.

Good Idea will be launching with three great-tasting products, all featuring wild Nordic berries:

Wild Raspberry (SRP $2.49): Wild and sweet like the Nordic forests it hails from, Wild Raspberry certainly attracts a crowd. If you enjoy brunch and desserts, you are bound to get along with Wild Raspberry.

Sea Berry (SRP $2.49): Distinguished, crisp, and refreshing with a just touch of floral-fruity notes. If you haven't tried Sea Berry, you might imagine it as a mild-mannered cousin of summer citrus--elegantly dressed with a floral corsage.

Black Currant (SRP $2.49): The versatile middle child. Well rounded and adaptable, Black Currant strikes a balance between sweet and refreshing, jammy and crisp. Pair it with red meat, fish, or dessert-- Black Currant gets along quite well with a variety of cuisine.

With long-term health at the forefront of the brand, Good Idea products are free from caffeine, carbs or sweeteners, artificial colors, and calories. Put simply, this functional sparkling water doesn't cut corners.

Good Idea is available for purchase at www.goodidea.us and retail partners coming soon.

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