Orika introduces a range of ‘Sprinklers’

A new range of gourmet herbs and spices for a sprinkle of ease!
Orika introduces a range of ‘Sprinklers’
Orika launches 12 sprinklersPhoto - Orika

Orika is a leading premium gourmet spice brand from the house of Paras Spices, crafted to transform everyday meals with extraordinary flavors. Adding to their wide variety of spices, seasonings and marinades, spice mixes, immunity and wellness drinks, and flavored lemonades, Orika has launched a brand-new range - “Sprinklers”.

From the tangy, bold flavors imparted from the Old Dilli Chaat Masala and Southern Gun Powder flavor, the exotic blends of the aromatic Egyptian Basil and Turkish Thyme to the mild notes of warmth and sweetness infused in the Indian Tea Spice and the True Sri Lankan Cinnamon flavors, each Sprinkler is unique and authentic, specially curated to elevate all your recipes and bring a gourmet experience to your kitchen.

As the company says, sourced from exotic lands across the globe, Orika’s Sprinklers are made from premium quality ingredients, guaranteed to add rich flavor and aroma to a wide variety of recipes and your kitchen experiments. An easy-to-use range comprising 12 tasteful products; each Sprinkler contains ingredients that have been responsibly procured from the best plantations and contain no artificial flavors or colors of any kind.

Commenting on this new launch, Akshita Budhiraja, director, Orika, said, “We aim to bring the experience of gourmet food to homes. With that in mind, we also wanted to ensure that the consumers enjoy an unadulterated and authentic taste of spices and seasonings, which are also easy to use. Sprinklers bring all that together and more with a wide range of products in this exciting category.”

Orika comes from the lineage of Paras Spices. Orika believes in creating a culture of optimal utilization of resources, so the future generations could also thrive on the countless gifts bestowed on us by nature. Orika’s state-of-the-art processing is complemented by a three-layered packaging material that keeps the products fresh for a long time.

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