Oxie Nutrition introduces White Chocolate Peanut Butter

Oxie Nutrition introduces White Chocolate Peanut Butter

Photo - Oxie Nutrition

Jalandhar-based Oxie Nutrition, India’s one-of-its-kind lifestyle nutrition brand, launched Oxie Nutrition White Chocolate Peanut Butter, one of the most awaited new products for fitness enthusiasts in India. According to the company, this butter does not disturb your macronutrient intake, as macronutrients are the cornerstones of your diet. They are the components of food that the body necessarily needs for energy, and it helps maintain the body’s structure and systems.

Oxie Nutrition White Chocolate Peanut butter is a new and unprocessed food product that includes the goodness of white chocolate compound and roasted peanuts that are then turned into a paste. Besides being a delicious alternative to conventional butter, it is also claimed to be rich in vitamins, minerals and healthy fats.

With large amounts of natural protein and many other essential minerals, Oxie Nutrition White Chocolate Peanut butter easily qualifies as a super and highly versatile food. The butter can be consumed by itself, and, if one prefers, it can be added to desserts, chocolates, milkshakes, sandwiches, cookies, cupcakes, hummus, soups, pizzas, and even pastries!

Speaking on the launch, Harman Virk, co-founder and chief executive officer, Oxie Nutrition, said, “Post the success of Chocolate Peanut Butter, we are proud to launch Oxie Nutrition White Chocolate Peanut Butter which is keto-friendly and has a greater ratio of healthy fats and protein with minimal carbs. The goal is to reboot more calories from fat than from carbs. It has 70% less sugar, refined sugar-free, which lowers sugar cravings and adds flavor to the butter with real white chocolate chips. High on protein and low on calories, this product fulfills all of the consumption criteria that any Indian fitness fanatic seeks.”

Making a shift in the Indian lifestyle, Oxie Nutrition, following their chocolate peanut butter that was a huge hit, introduced Oxie Nutrition White Chocolate Peanut Butter for fitness & health-conscious consumers who can now add this new amazing flavor to their diet.

The Indian market has grown exponentially in the peanut butter market, but the flavors are yet to be explored. Bridging this gap, Oxie Nutrition is introducing the novel White Chocolate Peanut Butter in India, believing that the product’s long shelf life, taste and health benefits will soon gain its popularity amongst all age groups. The brand is here to shift lifestyles for the better by delivering products that keep you healthy without compromising on taste.

The delicious butter is FDA approved and highly recommended as an amazing pre and post-workout supplement for fitness enthusiasts. It can also be used in all kinds of fitness regimes, from lean muscle gain to bulky muscle gain to even losing weight. Indeed, it is truly a great post-run snack and is extraordinary to kick start your morning routine.

So, devour your sweet cravings with the all-new-super healthy Oxie Nutrition White Chocolate Peanut Butter with no artificial ingredients, priced for Rs 299 only and will be available across India.

Oxie Nutrition, headquartered in Jalandhar, is envisioning India’s first lifestyle and nutrition brand. Established in 2020, Oxie Nutrition was incepted with a singular goal: to engineer dynamic products with high macronutrients that will change people’s lives for the better and help people reach their nutrition goals. Oxie Nutrition products provide well-rounded macronutrients in protein bars, protein chips, and peanut butter.

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