PepsiCo India launches Sting Blue Current

Limited-edition flavor Sting Blue Current is a captivating new addition to its Sting Energy lineup
PepsiCo India launches Sting Blue Current
Photo - PepsiCo

PepsiCo India’s brand, Sting is all set to electrify consumers across India with the launch of its limited-edition flavor, Sting Blue Current, a captivating new addition to its Sting Energy lineup. The launch of Sting Blue Current is accompanied by a quirky new brand campaign that reaffirms Sting's mantra of electrifying energy with the 'Sting Blue Current, Kamaal ka Current’ tagline – inviting consumers to experience the exhilaration of Sting Blue Current firsthand.

The film starts with a young couple sitting under a star-lit sky. The girl hopes to see a shooting star to share her secret wish. In his quirky Sting style, the boy decides to jolt himself up by getting a bolt of energy as he takes a sip of the new Sting Blue Current. He creatively turns himself into a shooting star as the girl closes her eyes to make her wish. The film concludes with an electrifying note, echoing the brand's tagline ‘Sting Blue Current, Kamaal ka Current,’ igniting a sense of possibilities through Sting Blue Current’s ‘Can-Do’ energy.

Speaking about the launch of Sting Blue Current and the new campaign, Ankit Agarwal, associate director of Energy & Hydration, PepsiCo India, said, “Over the past few years, Sting has carved a special place in the hearts of consumers across India. Building on the love we have received in the Indian market, we're adding Sting Blue Current to the line-up, a new variant that allows consumers to experience Sting energy with a refreshing new flavor. Sting Blue Current embodies our brand's core of energizing consumers and represents our commitment to giving our audiences an electrifying boost, all while staying faithful to the brand they've grown to adore."

The new Sting Blue Current TVC will be amplified through a 360-degree campaign across television, digital, outdoor, and social media.

Sting Blue Current is available at Rs 20/- at 200 ml in single-serve packs across India. Sting’s red flavor will continue to be available in small single-serve packs of 200ml and 250ml and multi-serve packs of 500ml of all modern and traditional retail outlets in India and on leading e-commerce platforms.

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