Piperleaf adds five new fruit fusion flavors to its chocolate range

100% plant-based and natural gluten-free, sugar-free chocolates
Piperleaf adds five new fruit fusion flavors to its chocolate range

Piperleaf chocolate range

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Piperleaf, the company that made India's first plant-based milk chocolate made with hazelnuts and cashew nut milk, is here to further its mission of providing a variety of vegan chocolates that are alternatives to dairy-based milk chocolates.

Piperleaf India is thrilled to announce the launch of five new refreshing chocolate flavors - Zesty Orange, Classic Coffee, Banana Walnut, Raspberry Cinnamon, and Nut & Raisin. These new flavors with a fruity fusion are finely crafted with rich cocoa and freeze-dried fruits and serve as the perfect way to satiate one's cravings in a guilt-free and cruelty-free manner.

In addition to being vegan, these chocolates are gluten-free, bean to bar, refined sugar-free, have no artificial additives, no artificial flavors and colors, and are 100% natural, making them a healthy alternative for those accustomed to consuming traditional milk-based chocolates. These artisan chocolates are stone ground and prepared in small batches providing authentic taste and flavor.

Photo - Piperleaf

"I struggled to find proper plant-based food alternatives for dairy, eggs, chocolates, etc.," said Anshul Agarwal, the founder of Piperleaf as he recalled his transition to veganism which took place in 2019. To fill this void in the vegan food industry and provide easy alternatives to those who wish to adopt a plant-based lifestyle, his team at Piperleaf is continuously trying to bring flavourful innovations to its customers, such as Banana Walnut and Raspberry Cinnamon.

The new flavors join the existing range, including Classic Milk Chocolate, Mixed Seeds, Fruit and Nut and Dark Chocolates. These, along with the new fruit flavors containing freeze-dried fruits, provide a large variety of plant-based chocolate alternatives and tap into the growing demand for natural and healthy chocolates with real fruit inclusion.

This Gurgaon-based company started in 2020 envisions introducing more plant-based products to its range in the future to facilitate society's smooth transition from dairy and unethical products to products that are plant-based and benefit the animals, environment, and health alike.

The new range of flavors is now available on their website and multiple retail and eCommerce platforms across India.

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