Praakritik introduces ‘Chocolate Ghee Spread’ with Madagascar vanilla

Praakritik introduces ‘Chocolate Ghee Spread’ with Madagascar vanilla

Praakritik Chocolate Ghee Spread

Photo - Praakritik

The benefits of ghee with the richness of chocolate merged together to bring you an inimitable combination that you would have never tasted before. According to the company, Praakritik Chocolate Ghee is a delicious mix that you can spread on parathas and bread or put in your cake mix or just dip your spoon in the jar and eat it all up.

Made with the purest of A2 ghee from the Gir Cow gaushalas by Praakritik the richness of organic chocolate gets an added boost with their unique recipe. The artisanal chocolate only uses Madagascar vanilla and organic coconut sugar for a guilt-free healthy indulgence.

The company states, “Your children will instantly fall in love and you won't need to worry about their sugar intake or fat intake. In fact, you won't be able to resist it too!! It's absolutely delicious. Praakritik has never compromised on the quality of products and always ensured delicious and healthy organic groceries to your doorstep.”

Praakritik Chocolate Ghee Spread with Madagascar Vanilla 200 ml jar is available for purchase at for Rs 890. You can also get it through eCommerce platforms like Amazon.

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