Rahasya, a craft Vodka infused with the essence of India, enters Maharashtra

The vodka is priced at Rs 1850 for a 750ml bottle
Rahasya, a craft Vodka infused with the essence of India, enters Maharashtra

Rahasya - a craft vodka

Photo - Blisswater Industries

Blisswater Industries announced that it is entering Maharashtra with its flagship product Rahasya - a craft vodka inspired by the mysticism and folklore of India. The vodka will be available across Mumbai, Thane and several other cities in Maharashtra in numerous retail outlets and HoReCa spaces. Rahasya is the brainchild of Varna Bhat, a first-generation entrepreneur who comes from a creative industry background of branding, events and experiential marketing. Blisswater Industries recently announced a Seed funding round of US$ 3,35,000 from CC One Venture Labs, Urmin Family House and independent investors Yash Shah (co-founder Disruptium) and Sham Kishor Bhat.

Rahasya marries India’s culinary legacy with its new, self-assured future. Currently available across retail stores and HoReCa in Goa and Maharashtra, the vodka will soon be available in Karnataka and a few other domestic markets. Blisswater Industries is also planning to take Rahasya to four countries outside India to give global citizens a taste of India.

Varna Bhat, chief executive officer and founder, Blisswater Industries said, “Rahasya has received a phenomenal response in Goa, and people are already asking us when it will be available across other locations in India. Being the only craft vodka that truly represents India-inspired Infusion, our aim is to make Rahasya representative of India globally.”

Rahasya’s journey started with the desire to create a premium and distinctly Indian product. The intention was to present to the world a product distilled with pride in the country’s rich and glorious civilizational brilliance. The company’s vision is to take this unique alco-bev, re-imagined from Indian culinary secrets, to the world. The product is targeted at the new age consumer who is aspirational and well-traveled yet strongly rooted to the ethos of India.

Rahasya is a Sanskrit word that means mystery or secret. According to the brand, what makes Rahasya unique is its flavor profile, which takes inspiration from various elements inherent to the Indian way of life. Rahasya is crafted to transport your palate on a journey that tastes familiar yet new. Every whiff and each sip aims to evoke a sense of mystery that is immersive and intriguing. What is in Rahasya? Well, that will remain a Rahasya for as long as you wish to journey it!

Blisswater is focused on creating innovative products in the Alcobev category that are infused and inspired by India and bottled for the world.

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