Saffola Oats launches four new gourmet flavors

Marico Limited’s Saffola Oats ventures into the sweet oats category along with expanding savory variants, giving consumers exciting ways to consume oats.
Saffola Oats launches four new gourmet flavors
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Marico, one of India’s leading FMCG companies, has introduced four exciting gourmet-style flavors in its flavored Oats range under its flagship brand – Saffola. For the first time, Saffola Oats, India’s #1 Oats brand, will offer two exciting, sweet flavors viz Nutty Chocolate and Apple ‘n’ Almonds. Alongside expanding the portfolio of savory (Masala) oats with the launch of two new flavors viz Spicy Mexicana and Cheesy Italia.

These new launches are in line with an unwavering commitment to providing a lip-smacking experience for consumers while offering ‘Better for you’ food offerings. Saffola Oats has always been at the forefront of democratizing Oats by offering it in flavors loved by India in convenient formats. With its latest offerings, the brand aims to expand its relevance to newer audiences and occasions.

Saffola Oats’ sweet-flavored variants namely Nutty Chocolate and Apple ‘n’ Almonds will cater to a growing but an unmet need for consumers who have preference for chocolate and fruity flavors, delivering a delightful experience that renders them an ideal breakfast choice. These variants will find relevance throughout the day, including breakfast, addressing the needs of homemakers and working women seeking a convenient and hassle-free option.

Saffola Masala Oats currently offers 6 delicious savory flavors for snacking. The brand further launches two fusion flavors, namely Spicy Mexicana and Cheesy Italiaa. These flavors are already trending flavors in the snacking category. This culinary innovation showcases the dedication to offering diverse and convenient options that seamlessly align with the conscious lifestyles of today's consumers.

With preparation time of just 3 minutes and flavors transcending culinary boundaries, the four new flavors are perfect for health-conscious consumers to douse their hunger pangs while experiencing true delight.

Speaking about the new Saffola Oats Flavours, Vaibhav Bhanchawat, chief operating officer- India & Foods Business (Marico), says “With the introduction of Saffola's new Gourmet Flavors, we hope to satisfy the needs of modern consumers who constantly seek healthy convenience without compromising on flavor and taste. Our commitment to offering wholesome and flavorful options remains steadfast, ensuring that consumers across age groups can savour the delicacies of Oats on all sorts of occasions. We invite everyone to experience the fusion of taste and nutrition in these new Saffola Oats variants, enhancing your everyday moments with a burst of deliciousness."

All the four new flavors of Saffola Oats will be available on leading e-commerce & online grocery platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Zepto, Swiggy & BlinkIt.

Since 2011, Saffola has built a reputation for trust and innovation, catering to diverse Indian taste preferences and offering "better for you" food items. Responding to Indian consumers' love for spicy flavors akin to masaaledar street food, Saffola introduced 'Savory Oats,' addressing the demand for savory while democratizing Oats as an exciting format, breaking norms of how tasty food can also be healthy.

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