Salud Beverages expands its footprint, with its launch in New Delhi

Opening doors to Life 2.0 with its expansion in the capital city; They’ve won over the South, and now they’re taking the party up North
Salud Beverages expands its footprint, with its launch in New Delhi
Photo - Salud Beverages

Salud Beverages launched in the capital city on the 25 June, 2022. The Urban Lifestyle brand is looking to spread the Salud spirit far and wide, bringing to you its delicious line of Gin Refreshers, non-alcoholic bitters, events you don’t want to miss, and so much more.

After a successful launch in Chandigarh and well-established presence in Bangalore and Goa, Salud is bringing their entire range of products to Delhi. Get lost in the music with Salud Sessions, the brand’s carefully curated playlists featuring some of the most talented artists in the Indian music scene, proclaim your position as part of the Salud family by rocking their signature merchandise and of course, sip on a Gin Refresher priced at Rs 130 for a 275ml bottle, available in a variety of classic and natural flavors such as:

Original- Salud retains the original classic way that Gin is consumed with resplendent English Juniper, and the effervescence of Indian Tonic. The fresh flavour can transport you and gives you the most versatile drinking experience.

Cucumber - Retaining the original formula, Salud has skilfully crafted the beverage with succulent English cucumber, and Indian tonic to offer you an invigorating experience.

Lavender - Aromatherapy in a bottle, this fine beverage with subtle French Lavender, together with the Indian Tonic, and English Juniper, results in an equally distinctive and sublime flavour.

Watermelon & Mint - The oh-so-cooling vitality of watermelon and the zesty thrill of mint meet for an experience like a summer holiday in a bottle.

Strong - Classic English Juniper-crafted gin gets an update with an effervescent aerated twist and a stronger kick.

Sonic - SOda and toNIC, a classic Japanese mix – with an Indian twist highlights this low-sugar gin refresher with just 99 calories.

Ajay Shetty, founder-director of Salud Beverages commented on the Delhi launch saying, “We are very excited to bring Salud to Delhi. Every expansion of our brand brings more people into the fold and the Salud family grows. The introduction of our non-alcoholic bitters, Salud Sessions, merchandise, and of course, our Gin refreshers, in Delhi makes sure there is something for everyone who wants to experience the Salud lifestyle.”

Come along for the ride and watch the evolution of Salud Beverages from a homegrown brand to an all-encompassing force to be reckoned with. Down South, Salud has created a community of people from different walks of life who all have one thing in common; their propensity to celebrate life. With something for everyone, Salud puts its best foot forward, bringing you premium quality and immaculate vibes in every single one of the brand's many endeavors. Delhi, get ready for the journey of a lifetime. Salud’s coming soon.

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