Sarah Todd launches her "Hot Toddy" sauce brand in India

Queensland-based Hot Toddy sauces launched in India, marking the region for their first launch outside of Australia
Sarah Todd launches her "Hot Toddy" sauce brand in India

Celebrity Chef Sarah Todd launched her "Hot Toddy" sauce brand in India, made from fresh ingredients, of which over 70% are locally sourced from Australia, and manufactured in Queensland.

Hot Toddy offers a collection of five sauces that draw inspiration from spices and chilies around the world. These sauces range from mild to extremely spicy, offering a diverse range of tastes and includes Kashmiri Tomato and Birdseye Chilli, which are inspired by Indian cuisine, Sweet Chilli from Thailand, 7-Spice Sriracha from Japan, and Birdseye Chilli from Australia.

The story of Hot Toddy is a tale of humble beginnings from Queensland, as Sarah Todd reveals, "It all started with a viral social media post. A close friend shared his experience of using my chilli sauce in one of his dishes, and from there, my inbox was flooded with requests for the sauce. This led to my brother and me launching Hot Toddy, and I drew inspiration from my travels and interactions with various cultures to create these exquisite flavours."

After setting the culinary world abuzz in Australia, Hot Toddy is now poised to take India by storm. Speaking about her engagement with India, Sarah Todd, said, “India's cuisine diversity is unparalleled and has a special place in my heart. I feel grateful for the immense love and support that I have received from the people of India throughout my culinary journey. Given my attachment to the country, it is only natural for me to launch, Hot Toddy, here in India.”

The Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA) has secured Queensland's foothold in the world's fastest growing major market of nearly one and a half billion people. India is currently Queensland's second-largest goods export market and the fourth-largest two-way trading partner, making it a crucial market for Queensland's businesses. Hot Toddy’s fine sauces are manufactured and carefully crafted in Yadala, Queensland, and the export of Hot Toddy sauces to India, further strengthens the trade and investment ties between India and Queensland.

Commenting on the launch in India, Abhinav Bhatia, senior trade and investment commissioner-South Asia, Trade and Investment Queensland, said, “Queensland already accounts for over 60% of all Australian exports to India, and with businesses like Hot Toddy coming to the market, this number is set to grow higher. As the Queensland government's premier international trade and investment promotion agency, we support businesses on both sides to access and develop this corridor. Sarah Todd's launch of Hot Toddy further strengthens her strong relationship with India, and I anticipate that it will inspire more culinary businesses from Queensland to venture into the Indian market."

The Premium range of Hot Toddy Sauces will exclusively be sold in India by Olympia Industries. Speaking about Olympia’s association with Hot Toddy and Sarah Todd, Anurag Pansari, director, Olympia Industries, said, “Collaborating with India's adored culinary icon, Sarah Todd, who is also one of the world's most renowned chefs, is a source of immense excitement for us. Through her premium line of Hot Toddy sauces, we aim to offer consumers a taste of the diverse culinary traditions that Sarah has encountered and crafted throughout her illustrious career.”

Hot Toddy sauces are now available on eCommerce platforms and will also be available across other distribution channels such as modern trade, major retail brands, and HoReCa over the next couple of months.

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