Saucy Affair - 10 new tempting flavors of sauces to make your food go from good to fabulous

The ten new tempting flavors of sauces by Saucy Affair are a union of taste and extravagance.
Saucy Affair - 10 new tempting flavors of sauces to make your food go from good to fabulous
Photo - Saucy Affair

Tit-Bit Spices has been renowned in the food industry since 1962. With strong roots in India, Tit-Bit Spices is also spreading its prowess globally. They have pioneered easy-to-cook products like Oriental Mixes and Jain Chinese Mixes across the globe. Spreading its wings in its journey, Saucy Affair is a newly launched brand ready to fly with unbeatable taste and flavors.

This exciting new addition to the Tit-Bit family, Saucy Affair, is conceptualized by Krupa Doshi, a multi-tasking entrepreneur, and a loving mother. As the tagline suggests, Flirt with Flavors, the flavorsome sauces are diligently curated by her with passion and care for foodies who love to experiment with new things. These sauce flavors have something for everyone - from cheese to spice lovers, from classic to fusion tastes; the mouthwatering sauces will always make you want more!

Krupa Doshi, director, Saucy Affair, believes that her passion for cooking tasty meals for her family has invested in her honest efforts to develop Saucy Affair with simple ingredients. She loves preparing healthy meals for her family, and being a foodie herself meant that she created products packed with flavor bombs. She is elated that her ideas are coming to life and will be relished by everyone.

The sauces of Saucy Affair guarantee happiness. Every sauce in the product range adds extra oomph with spices, cheesiness, and heavenly new flavors effortlessly. Today, the amalgamation of taste and health in one bottle is the epitome of goodness in the food industry. The brand stands on the pillars of simplicity, enthusiasm, and passion while ensuring that bold and friendly foodies enjoy food and life to their maximum. These versatile flavored sauces like Roasted Tomato and Basil, Cheesy Cheddar, Alfredo Broccoli, BBQ Mustard Mayo, and Bolognese Sauce, to name a few, can be used in various dishes to add some extra flavor to any bland dish. These sauces are a magical touch and can turn the dullest food into your favorite dish. The easy-to-serve delicious sauces are a brilliant option for dips and spreads.

 On the occasion of the launch of Saucy Affair, Director, Krupa Doshi, says, "One sauce can be a game changer while cooking, and Saucy Affair gives you the freedom to play with flavors, flirt with exotic ingredients and create a new dish in a jiffy! Combine your imagination with our sauces and prepare delicious food for every meal to spread smiles, happiness, and fun. Create a new dish with a new flavor every day and put an end to boring food with our sauces.”

Saucy Affair is launching on the 10th of October 2022 and will be available online for consumers.

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