Sepoy & Co launches premium, low-calorie lemonade mixers

The new range of lemonade mixers is available in three flavors
Sepoy & Co launches premium, low-calorie lemonade mixers
Sepoy & Co Premium Botanical Mixers Photo - Sepoy & Co

Sepoy & Co Premium Botanical Mixers has just launched premium, low-calorie lemonade mixers in three flavor variants. The new product range expands the brand’s portfolio beyond botanical tonic waters and ginger ale, with a versatile set of lemonade flavors that evoke the nostalgia of summer. Made from Italian lemon juice and natural flavors like rose, lemon, pineapple, cardamom, and ginger, the new lemonades are sure to become a must-have in home bars.

As with everything the brand does, this new product launch is well researched and taps into the Indian consumer’s growing demand for quality mixers and non-alcoholic beverages. The calorie consciousness has also been kept in mind, as the new drinks are low calorie, with just 5g of sugar per 100ml, as with all of Sepoy & Co beverages.

Given that lemon juice is one of the most popular ingredients in cocktails globally, lemonades easily lend themselves to various cocktails and mocktails or be sipped on by themselves as refreshing coolers. While commenting on the new launch, Sepoy & co-founder Angad Soni says, “We created our lemonades keeping in mind the brilliant experience they can bring to your favorite spirits. These mixers made of Italian lemon juice and all-natural botanical flavors will accentuate your drinking experience. Mix up a tiki rum cocktail with the tropical lemonade, a refreshing vodka lemonade with the classic, or a pink sparkling wine cooler with the Rose Lemonade. There’s something for everyone!”

The new product range variants are:

Classic Lemonade: A classic blend of Italian lemon juice concentrate and natural lemon oils gives this drink a rich and nostalgic profile. Great for pairing with vodka, tequila, white rum, and gin.

Tropical Lemonade: Real Italian juice concentrate is balanced with fruit notes and a hint of cardamom to give this drink a refreshing tropical taste. Perfect for dark rum and whisky cocktails.

Rose Lemonade: Floral aromatic rose oils are carefully blended with Italian lemon juice concentrate and a dash of ginger, making this a refreshing drink, ideally paired with white wine, sparkling wines, or mezcal.

Sepoy & Co Lemonade mixers are available for direct order via their website and eCommerce platforms.

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