Sip on Skull X: Award-winning and premium quality Vodka with a smooth finish arrives from the UK

Sip on Skull X: Award-winning and premium quality Vodka with a smooth finish arrives from the UK
Photo - Skull X

A spirit laden with a luxe, Skull X is the newest premium vodka now available in India, accredited for its smoothness and brilliant flavor. Created with the finest ingredients beverage is prepared using water from aquifers 200 ft below the surface and white wheat before being distilled five times over a platinum filter and removing the ‘burn factor’ from the formula. Skull X, produced in Slovakia, is dense and smooth with a flavor palate of vanilla and mild pepper with naturally sweet undertones. 

Established in a reputed furnishing company, founder Aman Chopra has always been visionary, running businesses since he graduated from University in London 25 years ago. The journey of Skull X dates back to 12 years ago; while on an ice fishing trip in Eastern Europe, Aman discovered the best vodka was prepared in small towns, for the locals, by the locals. This stirred a passion in the entrepreneur, leading him to install a micro-distillery in his own home. As he put together varied combinations in search of the perfect pour. Skull X is a creation of passion and dedication from a decade of hard work and has become a beloved family-run company with the ethos of clean drinks with great ingredients. 

Emulating purity and top-notch quality of ingredients, The Skull represents the core of the brand, while X represents the traditional production of vodka for the next generation. X also respects the ten years of grit taken to perfect the creation of the brand. 

Photo- Skull X
Photo- Skull X

Founder Aman Chopra has commented about the significance of Skull X and why this has been so successful in the UK, "We’re thrilled to have created such a sought-after drink of choice for many across the world as well as creating a range that has something for everyone. We’re proud to have won so many awards confirming what our team knows, we’ve created something everyone can agree is fantastic, from the smoothness of the vodka and the packaging, we’re excited to see this flourish in India.”

The brand has a portfolio of products, including its prosecco range, Skinny Witch, which has no added sugar. In the future, the brand seeks to be synonymous with the purest and highest quality choice for vodka, making Skull X the best choice for your drink. Take a sip of smoothness and lose yourself in the world of Skull X Vodka. 

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