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Sippline, a patented medical-grade sterilized drinking tool

Recyclable, odorless, and dishwasher-friendly tool

The Covid-19 pandemic isn't going away anytime soon, this may need the hoteliers to take hygiene and sanitation in their outlets a notch up to keep the business going.

While we take all precautions regarding our glassware with dishwashers going a jolly good job, certain high exposure sections such as the glass rims that come in direct touch with the lips may be washed but in no way close to being sterilized and poses a potential threat to cross-contamination.

The introduction of the innovative solution in Sippline, a protective sterilized shield designed to sit on the rim of the glass or cup, offers an answer to this dilemma. This patented drinking tool ensures your lips touch a sterile, clean surface irrespective of your beverage choice. Now you have another assurance to offer your guests the safety of their experience as they enjoy the delicious meal at your establishment.

Sippline is redefining the hygienic drinking experience in public places. It is made of food-grade polymer and lines the rim without compromising the drinking experience of the user. It is recyclable, odorless, and dishwasher-friendly.

Speaking about the product, Rohit Warrier, chief executive officer and founder, Warrier Safe Shields and the Inventor of Sippline, said, "The recent rise in the Covid-19 cases is being traced to the ignorance and negligence of the hygiene. Personal hygiene today is being translated to wearing a mask, sanitizing regularly, and social distancing, a key aspect that has been overlooked is oral hygiene.

Sippline adds a new dimension to personal hygiene, and I believe it will change the way people enjoy a drink while dining out or traveling. Being one-of-its-kind, I see a huge market for Sippline in the Hospitality industry. It adds an extra layer of protection for their guest's hygienic drinking while using glassware at their establishment. I am happy we were able to bring a solution that is effective and very affordable. My vision is to see one on every pocket."

It is available for purchase in multiple colors on Amazon India and Sippline website in packs of two for Rs 131, pack of four for Rs 265 and ten for Rs 509. Sippline fits most glasses and cups such as water goblet, tom collins, old fashioned, viva 48, weighing less than 5 grams.

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