Skyrrup launches lactose-free Greek yogurt

Skyrrup launches lactose-free Greek yogurt
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Bharat Skyr & Doodh Products, a well-known brand among premium milk product manufacturers - Skyrrup, announces the launch of lactose-free Greek Yogurt for yogurt lovers. With a protein content of 7.5 grams & made from A2 Cow Milk, Skyrrup’s Greek Yogurt not only provides essential nourishment but also delights the senses. Embodying wellness, Skyrrup skillfully merges protein power with amazing benefits, offering a delightful and convenient way to prioritize health.

Each spoonful of Greek yogurt is meticulously crafted from the purity of A2 cow's milk and is proudly produced in India, serving as an excellent source of protein and calcium. This product features a creamy texture, has low fat content and is suitable for all family members.

Skyrrup Greek yogurt is a creamy dairy product with a rich texture. It’s made by straining whey and is lactose-free which also makes it appealing to those with lactose intolerance. There is no added sugar or preservatives, making it an ideal snack for all health-conscious consumers.

Sharing thoughts on the launch, S.N Dwivedi, managing director of Bharat Skyr & Doodh Products, “We have leveraged our expertise in yogurt to build the category in the market and establish the relevance for the category through the right product innovation. The dairy division is poised for healthy growth with new product offerings. We are committed to providing the best product with no preservatives, no added sugars and completely lactose-free. We are certain that our consumers will love the product as it’s a perfect blend of health and taste.”

Skyrrup’s Greek Yogurt comes in a 400gm pack and is priced at Rs 265. The product will be available in all established outlets and on the brand’s eCommerce website The brand is currently strategizing to broaden its scope by venturing into new territories. This involves the meticulous planning and execution of introducing the product in additional cities beyond its initial launch location. This expansion initiative signifies the brand's intention to capture a larger market share and connect with a wider audience. The process of extending the product's availability to various cities entails a comprehensive approach, including market research, logistical preparations, and targeted marketing efforts to ensure a successful and impactful entry into each new location.

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