Sula Vineyards' iconic wines now available in 250 ml cans

Sula Vineyards' iconic wines now available in 250 ml cans
Photo - Sula Vineyards

Wine lovers rejoice! Sula Vineyards, India's leading winemaker, is now offering its beloved Chenin Blanc, Rosé Zin, and Red Zin in convenient 250ml cans.

These single-serve cans, priced at an MRP of INR 285, are perfect for picnics, poolside relaxation, or enjoying your favorite Sula wine on the go. They offer the same exceptional quality and taste as the classic Sula bottles, in a lighter, portable format.

"We're thrilled to make our most popular wines even more accessible with this launch," says Rajeev Samant, founder and chief executive officer of Sula Vineyards. "These cans are ideal for introducing new audiences to Sula and cater to the growing demand for convenience and individual portions."

The new cans are available now at wine shops across Maharashtra. Look for the sleek, colorful designs featuring the iconic Sula branding.

The new can range features:

  • Chenin Blanc: A crisp, citrusy white wine perfect for warm days.

  • Rosé Zin: A refreshing, fruity rosé ideal for any occasion.

  • Red Zin: A bold, juicy red wine with notes of berries and spice.

Sula's commitment to sustainability extends to its packaging. The new cans are recyclable, making them a responsible choice for wine lovers

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