Supreem Pharma launches Supreem Superfoods

A new division manufacturing specialty products specifically for the Indian palate aims to invest over Rs 80 crore in the next five years
Supreem Pharma launches Supreem Superfoods

Supreem Pharmaceuticals Mysore announced the launch of Supreem Superfoods, a healthy superfoods brand. At the launch, S N Rao, chairman and managing director of Supreem unveiled 19 products for health management, performance beverages and foods, and lifestyle management products.

Speaking at the press conference to announce the launch of this new range, Rao said, "Supreem Pharma is getting into Superfoods with a vision to fill the void that exists in the nutrition intake to enhance healthy living. The company has dived deep into the science of food and has developed products that will help fill the gap."

Supreem Pharmaceuticals Mysore achieved a turnover of Rs 68 crore last financial year. The growth CAGR has been over 20% turnover and profitability in the previous five years. With the launch of consumer products division Supreem Super Foods this financial year, the company hopes to achieve a combined turnover of around Rs 90 to 100 crore. Supreem Pharmaceuticals is investing over Rs 25 crore over the next five years to build the consumer business to achieve a CAGR of over 30% in the next five years to reach a combined turnover of Rs 250+ crore, with both the divisions giving an approximately equal share to the business and consumer business.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>S N Rao, chairman and managing director of Supreem Pharma</p></div>

S N Rao, chairman and managing director of Supreem Pharma

These products are made from natural ingredients which aim to boost healthy living with no side effects.

Rao said, "Healthy living is the need of the hour. Everything we do is motivated by our desire to be healthy and happy. There can be no substitute for this. Supreem Super Foods is on a mission to raise the bar for healthy living by combining innovation, experience, and vision. We have developed and are further researching smart, sustainable superfoods. These products will not only enhance our diet but help people realize their full potential. Living healthy is essential and this can be ensured by optimal physical, mental, and healthy food habits."

He also added, "Through the launch of this new consumer division, we aim to invest over Rs 80 crore over the next three years. This would lead to direct and indirect employment to a tune of 1500 - 2000 during this period."

Supreem Super Foods aims to expand their product range by the end of this financial year to over 50 products and over 100 products by the end of the next financial year.

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