Tata Consumer Product’s Good Earth UK launches ‘Good Energy’

Vegan friendly, natural feel Good Energy drink
Tata Consumer Product’s Good Earth UK launches ‘Good Energy’
Good Earth Good Energy drinkPhoto - Good Earth UK

With a successful year behind the new brand, Good Earth in the UK is stepping up its presence by entering the £1.6billion energy drinks sector with a new natural energy drink - Good Earth Energy.

Reflecting its grounding in all organic natural and fresh ingredients, Good Earth, Good Energy has been blended to appeal to non-existing energy drink fans who might question the levels of sugar, caffeine, and aftertaste they endure for their desired ‘pick up’.

According to the company, with vegan-friendly, natural ingredients Good Earth Good Energy is a very different tasting drink to the norm. Each can contain 80mg of natural caffeine, equivalent to a cup of coffee, sourced from Guayusa, a celebrated Ecuadorian leaf blended with natural fruit juices and added vitamin C (7.5% RDA), delivers the natural boost of feel-good energy.

With flavor, a key driver of the decision to purchase, Good Earth Good Energy is available in two flavors: Blood Orange & Tangerine and Raspberry & Blueberry Each is available in cases of 12 x 250ml, a multipack of 6x4 250ml, and single-serve 250ml cans.

According to Mintel2, the top reasons for consumers rejecting energy drinks are the high caffeine levels (33%), use of artificial ingredients (37%), and high sugar content (48%), and many reject them as they find the taste unappealing. In blind trials, Good Earth Energy rated highly in taste tests and had strong appeal among existing and ‘non-energy consumers. Appealing to the health aware who want a more natural pick up, the range has lower sugar levels 4.4G PER 100ml and less than 50 calories a can.

In line with its core values, Good Earth Good Energy is kind to the body, the mind, and the planet. All ingredients are sustainably sourced, organic, and vegan friendly, and its environmentally friendly packaging is 100% recyclable. Good Earth’s commitment to give back to nature means that 1% of total retail sales of Good Earth Energy will return to non-profit environmental causes.

Good Earth is one of the first herbal tea companies in the USA. It began developing trademark teas in the late 1970s, especially its signature Original Sweet and Spicy Tea, for Good Earth restaurants. Due to the overwhelming popularity of Good Earth teas, in 1988, the brand began selling Good Earth tea in a bag format in California. Good Earth joined the Tata Consumer Products family in 2005.

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