This Raksha Bandhan gift your sibling sweet somethings from Le Pure Chocolatier

Artisanal chocolate creations
This Raksha Bandhan gift your sibling sweet somethings from Le Pure Chocolatier

 Le Pure Chocolatier assorted chocolate gift hamper

It is that time of the year when siblings and cousins enjoy the festivities, have a good time and make countless memories together. This festival of Raksha Bandhan needs something special to make the occasion more memorable. Now you have the option to gift your siblings and loved ones a selection of premium chocolates like Single-origin bars, Toffee and truffle collections, Dazzling Dragées, Bon-bons, Pralines and other artisanal chocolate creations from Le Pure Chocolatier. It’s the season to be spoiled, and Raksha Bandhan does enough and more to keep your spirits high.

Le Pure’s heart and art lie with fine chocolate. Handpicked and sourced from cocoa plantations in Ghana, Costa Rica, Venezuela, Tanzania and Columbia, its chocolate is crafted with love in India. Top-of-the-line technology and machinery from the USA and Italy give every creation at Le Pure a luxurious, premium taste and finish that is unparalleled.

The menu features exquisite and indulgent Single-origin bars like Madagascar, a 66% single-origin dark chocolate bar made using high-quality cocoa with intense notes of cocoa along with fruity notes from the raspberries, juniper berries, apricots, and bananas; 60% Sao Palme a fine flavor profile, crafted using premium Amelonado cocoa beans grown on the exotic island; 70% Ecuador that comes with hints of rum, whisky and tobacco giving this dark chocolate bar an indulgent and well-balanced character. The Toffee collection features Mango Bite, Almond Florentine, Pistachio Florentine, Almond Roca, and English Toffee. The Dragées Collection is a celebration of luxurious nuts coated with smooth, silky chocolate like Butterscotch Nuggets, Rose Almond, Milk Hazelnut, Dark Almond, Cranberry, Pecan Coffee and more. The decadent Truffle Collection features Hazelnut Truffles, tempting hazelnut praline ganache enrobed in a dark chocolate shell and the Salted Caramel Truffles with salted caramel ganache enrobed in a 40% milk chocolate shell.

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