Tic Tac unveils limited edition mango flavor

Mango flavored Tic Tac to ride the seasonal wave of the Indian Mango season
Tic Tac unveils limited edition mango flavor

Are you ready to embrace the essence of summer? Tic Tac, the renowned confectionery brand of Ferrero India (a part of Ferrero Group), is here with an exclusive summer delight. Introducing a limited-edition mango-flavored Tic Tac, a unique treat that will only be available in urban markets across India.

As the summer season approaches, Indians eagerly anticipate the arrival of the king of fruits - Mango, a fruit deeply ingrained in our country's culture. The succulent taste of a ripe mango is always a delight, and now, Tic Tac brings you a new way to enjoy this flavor. Our limited-edition mango Tic Tac offers the real taste of mango, not just in flavor but also in the packaging colors – a vibrant yellow, a refreshing mint.

Tic Tac's study on consumer preferences identified mango as one of the favorite flavors among Indian confectionery lovers. This new mango Tic Tac perfectly aligns with the brand’s commitment to placing consumers at the heart of everything and ensuring their preferences and demands translate into its product innovations.

Zoher Kapuswala, marketing head (Pills & Gums) at Ferrero India, said, “All our product innovations at Ferrero India focus on catering to local consumer preferences to give them products better than expected. By offering this seasonal tropical flavor, Tic Tac wants to celebrate the summer season in India and give its customers a chance to experience the perfect magnoliaceous refreshment.”

Reaching shelves exclusively in urban markets across India, the new Mango Tic Tac comes in two packs priced at INR 15 (9.7g) and INR 20 (13g). respectively. This launch is expected to fuel growth further for the brand and solidify Tic Tac's position as one of the leading players in the Indian confectionery market.

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