Trunativ launches World Health Organization-approved sugar replacer

Trunativ launches World Health Organization-approved sugar replacer
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With the second highest prevalence of diabetes in India (next only to China), it is an obvious indicator that Indian people love to indulge in their sweet tooth, resulting in many health problems. The availability of natural sweeteners which do not wreak havoc on one’s health is a boon for such a population. 

Trunativ, a pioneering leader in the wellness industry, proudly announces the launch of its revolutionary natural sugar replacer ‘Everyday Sweet’. This innovative product offers a healthier alternative to traditional sugar consumption, catering to the growing demand for healthier food options among health-conscious individuals. Trunativ Everyday Sweet has all the natural sweetness of sugar. A unique combination of 100% Monk Fruit extract and Erythritol, this is the best kind of “something sweet” to have on all levels: aftertaste, glycemic response, caloric content, and sweetness! Erythritol and Monk fruit have been deemed safe to use by WHO. The product comes with No Insulin Spiking and is completely diabetic & vegan-friendly. It has near zero calories and will also reduce your sweet cravings, making it an ideal choice for individuals looking to reduce their sugar intake while still enjoying the sweet taste they love.

Unlike other sugar substitutes available in the market, Trunativ Everyday Sweet does not compromise on taste or texture. It seamlessly integrates into a variety of food and beverage applications, making it suitable for a wide range of products, including baked goods, beverages, desserts, and more. Consumers can now indulge in their favorite treats without the guilt associated with excess sugar consumption.

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