VAHDAM India launches VAHDAM spices

VAHDAM India’s entry into the spice market expands the brand’s foothold in the wellness and food markets
VAHDAM India launches VAHDAM spices
Photo - VAHDAM India

VAHDAM India, the home-grown global wellness brand that is taking India’s finest teas and superfoods to consumers across the globe, announced the launch of VAHDAM Spices, a new product category for the company with the mission to innovate the spices industry. Aimed at creating fresher products for an increasingly health-conscious world, VAHDAM India has expanded its partnership with Indian farmers and cooperatives to bring high-quality and authentic Indian spices to consumers to help them achieve their wellness goals. VAHDAM India has collaborated with Michelin

Chef, restaurateur, and host of MasterChef India, Vikas Khanna, to celebrate the launch of VAHDAM Spices with a variety of new recipes.

With VAHDAM Spices, the brand is introducing a collection of spices, all sourced garden-fresh, packaged at VAHDAM India’s BRC Certified facility, and shipped directly to consumers. All the spices are single-origin from states and regions that are known for high-quality products. Each batch of spices is tested for purity in accredited labs in Europe to ensure VAHDAM brings only the healing benefits of Indian spices. VAHDAM Spices have zero adulterants, pesticides, colors, or toxins. Because VAHDAM Spices are grown at top farms, sealed fresh at the source, and brought directly to consumers’ households, they achieve a higher product potency and nutritional value.

Photo - VAHDAM India

“In 2015, I started VAHDAM India with a vision to take this wellness wisdom to the world under a trusted, ethical, sustainable, home-grown brand. And re-imagine the quality and freshness of these offerings. Given my lineage, we started with tea, but the vision was always to do more. And today, I am excited to announce the launch of our range of fresh, ethically sourced, Single Origin Spices from the finest farms in India. India is a magical land of spices and provides the world with the largest variety of delicious spices. However, just like tea, a home-grown brand is absent, and the broken supply chain ensures that consumers don’t get a fresh product. Additionally, spices are globally grown by spraying copious amounts of pesticides, insecticides & toxins to increase farm yield, which causes a serious health risk to consumers,” said Bala Sarda, chief executive officer and founder, VAHDAM India.

“With VAHDAM India Spices, we aspire to make available a collection of delicious spices, all sourced garden-fresh, packaged at our BRC Certified facility here in India & shipped directly to consumers. We’ve spent the last two years building a supply chain of India's finest organic spice farms with our partners. We made a conscious decision to bring sustainable, clean, and fresh spices to consumers around the world for all their cooking, wellness, and beauty needs,” Sarda adds.

(L-R) Vikas Khanna, chef; Bala Sarda, chief executive officer and founder, VAHDAM India
(L-R) Vikas Khanna, chef; Bala Sarda, chief executive officer and founder, VAHDAM IndiaPhoto - VAHDAM India

VAHDAM India has launched the VAHDAM Spices Kitchen Essentials Box, which is an assortment of nine spices. Over the next two weeks, the full line of 25 individual spices, will be available for purchase. These will include certified organic spices like Turmeric Powder, Black Pepper Powder, Cinnamon Powder, Ginger Powder, Whole Cloves, Cumin Powder, Onion Powder, and more.

“VAHDAM India has a reputation for bringing the best of India to the world, and I’m incredibly excited to be working with them on the launch of VAHDAM Spices,” said Vikas Khanna, chef. “The farmers in India take pride in the spices they grow, which elevates VAHDAM India’s spices and their taste above what’s currently available on the market. VAHDAM India’s Spices can help anyone take their cooking up a notch, and it will bring more flavor into all of our lives. I’m loving how VAHDAM India’s single-origin spices have made their way to my kitchen, and I’m in no mood to replace them with anything in the world.”

Photo - VAHDAM India

“Spices can provide a range of health benefits for consumers, but that all depends on where and how they are grown and packaged,” said Ujjwala Baxi, registered dietitian. “VAHDAM India’s commitment to bringing fresh and single-origin spices from India to the world will help everyone enjoy the benefits of these spices, from Moringa Powder’s antioxidants aiding in heart health to Turmeric Powder assisting in building one’s immunity.”

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