Wise Monkey’s Cafe Rum
Wise Monkey’s Cafe RumPhoto - Wise Monkey

Wise Monkey’s Cafe Rum sets the bar high with a unique triple-coffee blend

It is soon to brew its way into London and Indian markets too.

Wise Monkey brings the coffee-infused rum with an ABV of 43% and a unique fusion of the spirit with three types of organic coffee beans.

While majority of the big names in the industry have experimented time and again with the standard Arabica beans infusion, Café Rum brings in a differential expression by blending in slow-roasted Arabica, Robusta, and Liberica beans.

Redefining the coffee rum market with an unparalleled experience, the brand has prioritized flavor complexity over sweetness in their blend. With a remarkably lower sugar content compared to its counter-parts, the rum appeals to consumers who seek a more refined drinking experience.

In a landscape where café-based rums are being taken off markets and options are becoming increasingly scarce, Wise Monkey’s blend steps in to save the classic Espresso Martinis.

The blend has already garnered acclaim from industry professionals, including top mixologists and bartenders, and has found its way as a best-seller in Michelin-starred restaurants.

The product is available for purchase across UAE, Bahrain, and Zambia. It is soon to brew its way into London and Indian markets too.

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