Yauatcha in collaboration with Fratelli brings to you their timeless white wine ‘Ivelle’

Yauatcha in collaboration with Fratelli 
brings to you their timeless white wine ‘Ivelle’
Photo - Yauatcha

Known for their innovative, forward thinking and hold over flavor, Yauatcha in collaboration with Fratelli Wines is unveiling its first ever private wine label, Ivelle. The resurgence of wine enthusiasts has led to the creation of this first ever private wine label to have been produced in India.

Authentic and classic, Ivelle is on its way to becoming an ageless addition to the wines of the Indian portfolio. Named after love, Ivelle is a modern luxury that embodies harmonious living while giving its patrons a sense of pleasure as well as privilege. Although every bottle of Ivelle is manufactured on Indian Solapuri soil, each sip transports you to a rustic villa in the mountains where you can celebrate each minute as it comes.

A one of a kind wine, Ivelle owes its unique taste notes to a combination of homegrown Müller and Gewürztraminer grapes. The Müller Thurgau grape, originally bred in Germany by Hermann Müller, is a cross of Riesling and Madeleine Royale, while the Gewürztraminer is more aromatic. With Lych, Apricot, Pineapple and more, each bottle encompasses a zesty, refreshing flavor that caters to everyone’s pallet. The deep floral notes in the wine, on the other hand, bring you a sense of comfort, like a warm hug does on a cold night. We can assure you, the perfect way to celebrate new joys, old memories, new successes, and old friends is over a glass of Ivelle.

Served at Yauatcha by the glass and available for purchase at the restaurant, savor each moment with Ivelle by Yauatcha.

Price: INR 950 per glass and bottle price INR 4500

Availability: Yauatcha Mumbai, Bangalore and Kolkata

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